Opencart Google reCaptcha module – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Opencart Google ReCaptcha module by Knowband is one of the easiest ways to get rid of spam-bot and harmful contents. The security verification that makes the customers enter random alphabets is annoying and may even cost you some conversions. The Google reCaptcha can help the store visitors complete the verification at a single click.

Benefits offered by the OpenCart Google reCatpcha:

  • OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension is easy-to-install, understand and use.
  • The OpenCart Google reCaptcha plugin can incorporate the verification feature at a few button clicks.
  • The OpenCart Google ReCaptcha module allows the admin to select the web pages where he wants to display the verification option.
  • The admin can even fix the number of trials after which the reCaptcha option will appear in the front-end with the help of OpenCart Google reCaptcha.
  • The admin can select the theme of the reCaptcha from the admin interface of the OpenCart human verification plugin.
  • OpenCart Google reCaptcha can help the merchants avoid spam bots and registration from their site without annoying the customers.
  • The OpenCart extension doesn’t conflict with the other modules of the store.

1.1 Installation

Purchase the OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension from the Knowband store. You’ll get following files:

  1. Zipped File containing the source code of the OpenCart Google reCaptcha module
  2. User Manual

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to install the OpenCart Google reCaptcha plugin in your OpenCart store:

  • Unzip the zipped. You’ll get the folders as shown in the image below:


  • Copy all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of the site.
  • The Google reCaptcha module for OpenCart is now installed and is ready to use. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions -> Module as shown in the image below:


  • Select Google reCaptcha from the list of the modules and click on the Edit button.

1.2. Admin Interface

OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension is easy to install and configure. The store admin can incorporate this functionality in their site at a few button clicks from the back-end of the OpenCart Human Verification plugin. The various tabs of the OpenCart plugin are discussed in details below.

1.2.1 General Settings


Enable/disable: The admin can enable/disable the Google reCatcha option from the site by toggling this button.

Enable Google ReCaptcha for: The store admin can select the web pages where they want to display this verification option.

Display Google ReCaptcha after: The store admin can fix the number of trails after which the Google ReCaptcha will appear on the site. For instance, if the merchant selects ‘X’ trails, then, after X number of failed login trails the user will have to take this security verification.

1.2.2 ReCaptcha Settings

This tab of the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha extension allows the store admin to incorporate this security feature on their site.

5In order to include this security verification feature in your site, you need to enter the Site Key and Secret key of Google ReCaptcha. How to get the Site and Secret Key?

In order get the Site Key and Secret Key, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click on the link mentioned below:
It will redirect you to the site as shown below:

Step 2: Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button if not logged in otherwise click on the ‘Continue’ button


Step 3: Sign up for your Google account by entering the credentials.


Step 4: Click on Continue if you are already logged in.
Step 5: You’ll be redirected to page as shown below. Click on the Get reCaptcha button.

8Step 6: Select the type of reCaptcha.
Step 7: Enter the label of your Domain.
Step 8: Enter the Domain of your store.
Step 9: Check the option shown below to accept the terms and services of reCaptcha.
Select 10: Click on Register.

9Select 11: You’ll be redirected to the page shown below. Copy the Site Key and Secret Key and paste them in the admin interface of the OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension.

101.2.3 Look and Feel

The OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension allows the admin to change the look and feel of the reCaptcha and match it with the theme of the site.
The admin can select the themes from the drop-down list as shown below. The changes will be reflected in the front-end of the website.

11When the Light theme is selected, the reCaptcha will appear as shown below:

12When the Dark theme is selected, the reCaptcha will appear as displayed below:

131.3 Website UI

The reCaptcha will be shown in the various web pages of the site as per the requirement of the store admin. The verification option will be shown as below:

On the Login Page


On the Registration Page


Forgot Password Page


Demo link:


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