GDPR Rights of the Individual - OpenCart Extensions
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GDPR Rights of the Individual - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibility: 2.0.x - 3.0.x
Latest Version: v1.0.1
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GDPR Rights of the Individual - OpenCart Extensions

GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) is the latest user data protection method which will be enforced in the EU countries from May 25, 2018. According to this law, all the e-commerce merchants are bound to follow user’s requests regarding their stored details in website database. GDPR provides more control to the customers over their personal data that has been collected by the online businesses. It is mandatory for all the business which collects or process the personal data of the EU customers to comply with the GDPR.

Knowband has created an extension for OpenCart store owners to create an interface in the e-commerce website through which the customers can access all the rights given to them by the GDPR law. At the same time, the admin can even fulfill the request of the customers with least effort. OpenCart GDPR Suite is fully configured with all the laws, and offers easy customization from the backend interface. Using EU GDPR OpenCart extension, users can access their personal data and store merchants can either respond to them through mail or can display details on the screen.

The GDPR provides more control to the customers over their personal data. With the help of the OpenCart GDPR module customers can access following rights:

1.Right of access
2.Right to data rectification
3.Right to erasure
4.Right to data portability
5.Rights related to the automated decision making 


The OpenCart GDPR Module offers some additional features like:

1) Cookie notice banner

2) Data anonymization requests

3) Opencart RGPD Module keeps the log of all the GDPR requests

4) Email templates

Features of OpenCart EU GDPR compliance module offered for OpenCart store merchants

Request for Personal Data: OpenCart EU GDPR module allows OpenCart store admin to provide an interface to customers through which they can ask their personal details from sellers through requests. Store owners can track and manage data portability requests from the request log. OpenCart General Data Protection Regulation module allows OpenCart store admin to send a report containing all personal details of user, user cart details and also details of order placed by him/her. Admin can also add the details of the third-party services with whom user's data has been shared. 

Data Anonymization: EU GDPR OpenCart extension allows the  user to request for personal data anonymization for securing their details by replacing user data with some random generated details.

Right to Data Portability: GDPR module for OpenCart allows customers to request to access their personal data. The data can be requested in verbal as well as in written form.  OpenCart GDPR extension also allows the customers to reuse their personal data for their own purposes. Customer can select with whom data should be shared or used.

Right to Data Rectification: OpenCart GDPR Suite allows the users to rectify their personal details stored earlier. The customer can easily make a request to modify his personal details. Admin will update this information on every third-party services which are processing user data.

Right to Forgotten: GDPR provides the right to the customers to get their personal data erased. OpenCart EU GDPR module allows customers to make request for the deletion of their personal data.

Right to Automated Decision Making: Through OpenCart GDPR extension, the customer can easily block the services which use the automated decision making.

Cookies Setting: The OpenCart GDPR plugin allows the OpenCart store admin to display a cookie notice on the website. Admin can also add "More Information" link if required. OpenCart GDPR plugin has cookie notice banner on the front end of website which can be easily customized according to theme of the website.

Complete Record: OpenCart GDPR Compliance extension contains record of all types of requests made by user along with their status and other details. The OpenCart GDPR compliance module helps OpenCart store admin to keep track  record of all the GDPR requests received from the customer end.

Email Templates: OpenCart GDPR plugin contains pre-designed email templates used for instantly replying to requests made by users.

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