OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App
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OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App

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* Platform:

Compatibility: Opencart v2.0.x - v3.0.x
Latest Version: v1.0.3 (19-Jan-2022)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 50+
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Full Customization Control

Home Screen Customization

Instead of offering a fixed layout and home screen interface, build an OpenCart Delivery Boy App with configurable DIY editor. The store owners can change the look and feel of the Android and iOS app from the admin panel. The changes will reflecting automatically on the live app.

Adding Delivery Boys

The store can simply add as many delivery boys from admin panel as per the requirement. Once a delivery agent is added in the backend the concerned person will receive the app login details on the email. Here are the few entry fields for adding a delivery boy:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Agent’s picture
  • Mobile number
  • Vehicle type (Bike, Cycle, Van, or other )
  • Vehicle number
  • Password (minimum 8 characters)
  • Confirm password
  • Full address
  • Delivery boy status (Enabled / Disabled)
  • Bank account details

Dashboard Screen

The dashboard screen on OpenCart Order Tracking App displays the order status like assigned, pending, and delivered. A count of of orders relevant to the particular delivery boy is also displayed here. Inbuilt map with markers points to pick up, delivery & current location of the delivery boy.

Orders Listing Screen

In OpenCart Delivery Boy App, the order listing screen shows the complete list of all orders (Open, assigned, delivered, in progress) to a delivery boy. The sort and filter options are also available for quick search.

Easy-to-use App Interface

Left Navigation Menu

All the necessary options are available in the left navigation menu of OpenCart Delivery Boy Application. The delivery boys can simply access and navigate to any screen from here. The navigation menu has been kept simple keeping the convenience of delivery apps and to improve app usability. Here are 4 main options available in menu.

  • Dashboard
  • Orders
  • Settings
  • Logout

One-Time-Password Verification

With quick OTP verification, the OpenCart Delivery Boy App makes the order delivery process much simpler & secure. Once, the delivery agent has picked the order and out for delivery, the customer will receive a push notification or email with the confirmation along with OTP password. While receiving the delivered product, the customer needs to verify OTP and delivery agent will mark the order delivered.

Orders Dashboard & Listing

The OpenCart Delivery Boy App has a proper order dashboard with all information about the orders received on the store. The orders can also be viewed as per the status like All, Open, In Progress, Delivered etc. On the specific order screen, every required detail is available like order ID, amount, items in that order, delivery address, contact details, cost totals, order status history. The delivery boy app can also add comments in case anything needs to be informed about like “customer not available” etc.

Notifications Screen

The push notification screen of OpenCart Delivery Boy App displays the list of complete push notifications received by the delivery agent. The push notifications can be for order assigning, status update or successful deliveries. Tap on any of the push notifications will lead to relevant order details screen.

Settings screen

The OpenCart Delivery Boy App settings allows the delivery boys to switch to their comfortable languages, check profile etc. The settings of Android and iOS app can be accesed from the left navigation menu.

Seamless Delivery Management

Order Delivery Management

The OpenCart Delivery Management App is designed with the motive to curb out the hassled process of eCommerce. The store admin can keep a track of all the order, delivery agents and deliveries assigned to them. The admin panel allows the owner to assign orders to the right delivery boy with simply a click. Rest everything will be handled by delivery agent from there.

Delivery Boy Management

The delivery boy apps for OpenCart are prominent way to add and manage delivery boys for your store. The store admin can add and manage the delivery boys as well (enable, disable, assign etc) The delivery agents can be checked and filtered in a tabular form, the store admin gets to manage the status of the delivery agents using the following parameters:

  • Order ID
  • Order date
  • Date of the order delivered
  • Order amount
  • or if there is any other required detail, etc.

Delivery Location Management

The customer can enter the delivery location and agent will be able to reach easily. The delivery agent can also check the manual address and process the delivery accordingly. The store admin can track and manage the location from the admin panel of extension. There is also an option for store owner to manually enter the delivery location& delivery agent will be notified about the same.

Accept/Reject Orders

Once store admin assigns order to a delivery agent on OpenCart Delivery Boy App, the person will receive request. Based on the order details, the delivery agent can accept or reject the same. In case of rejection the delivery boy needs to specify a proper valid reason for the same.

Delivery Agents’ Ratings

Once the order is successfully delivered, the customers get an email to rate their experience. The ratings of every Delivery Agent will also be displayed on the agent’s detail page.

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