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With the advancement in the eCommerce industry and everything in it, social media seems to have become an integral part of every Magento store. With the constant need to expand the visibility and reach of the products, it is the different social media platforms that come to the rescue. With some of the social platforms being Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many others, the Magento stores have raised the bar of customer engagement and brand loyalty among the new customers, visitors and the existing ones. Knowband presents an array of social network extensions for the Magento store owners that help them integrate their businesses with the social media platforms and grab the customer attention to the fullest. With the help of these Magento extensions, it has easier to products on the store and generating more revenue by enhancing the sales. These social sites have a fan following that is devoid of linguistic and geographical barriers which emerge as a wonderful business opportunity for numerous business entities. With social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and few other being the topmost in line, you need to pay special attention to the Magento Social Loginizer and Magento Facebook Loginizer by Knowband for improving your business fortunes.

Magento Social Loginizer

It was way back when businesses had to face a lot of struggle for getting customers log in to their social media accounts. Now, you can do it without any problems with the emergence of this Magento Social Loginizer module. The module seamlessly lets the customers register at your Magento store with any of the social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram and such other platforms. Some of its amazing features that have made registration process much easier are as follows:

- 15 social login options available
- Easy interactive login facility through pop-ups.
- Fully mobile responsive design.
- Quick installation and configuration facility.
- Seamless account activation and deactivation.
- Easy customization facility for store admin.
- Provides sorting order for social media icons.
- Easy tracking of the accounts and the social media activity on their store.

Magento Facebook Loginizer

Facebook is the largest and most used social media platform in today’s time. If you really want to expand your business and want the customers from across the world to be able to shop from you, Magento Facebook Loginizer is the solution for you. With a user base of more than 1.2 billion, your store and its products, this Magento extension is what you need. Knowband has come up with an amazing plugin in the form of Magento Facebook Loginizer which helps the customers or visitors login or register themselves on your store with the help of this module rather than filling out those lengthy forms and subscribing. Let us provide you information about the other wonderful features of this Magento social extension described below.

- Quick and easy installation and configuration.
- Presence of interactive admin user interfaces with simple configuration options.
- Customization facility for Facebook login strip.
- Supports all popular browsers and nother extensions.
- Free dedicated technical support.

We don’t say it, the industry says it that if you haven’t integrated your business with various social media platforms for improving your global brand identity, product sales, conversion rates and customer engagement, you are going to fall back. Remember as “Man is a social animal”, so you need to engage your customers socially for the growth and expansion of your business.

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