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Loyalty Points - Magento Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento 1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (26-Sep-2019)
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Magento Loyalty Points Module

Getting new customers for the website and keeping the previous one are two most important aspects for any online store merchant. For eCommerce website growth, the online merchant needs to balance both the factors perfectly. Rewards and discounts play an important role in attracting customers and continuously making the shopping interesting for them. Knowband offers a fully functional Magento Loyalty Points Extension which manages the reward system like a pro.

This fully functional Magento Reward points module allows offering loyalty points to all the customers whether they are new to the website or they are existing ones. The Loyalty points extension for Magento offers loyalty points on new signup, first order, on ordering any specific product or for specific amounts. There may be several conditions in which the online users can get loyalty points and they can easily generate a coupon of their loyalty points and use it on their next purchase. This way, the e-merchant can assure customer retention and customer acquisition easily. 

Features of Magento Loyalty Points extension

1. The online merchant can implement a functionality to offer loyalty points to the customers using this Magento Loyalty Points module.
2. Admin can apply terms and conditions for offering loyalty points. This Magento Loyalty reward points plugin allows the store admin to apply Cart Rule, Product Rule and Behavior rule from the admin interface.
3. Admin can set the price amount for one loyalty point and also set the order status on which the customers will get loyalty points.
4. The eCommerce store merchant can also set the expiry date for loyalty points and the Magento Loyalty Points Extension sends an alert notification before specific days of loyalty points expiry.
5. The Magento Loyalty Points module allows the store admin to offer loyalty points on customers birthday. Admin can also select the customer's group to which he wants offering loyalty points.
6. The Magento Loyalty points and discount module allows the store admin to setup Cron and take actions easily on a single click.
7. Admin can offer loyalty points to any online customer by setting the points, validity, loyalty point status and customer email. Admin can also upload CSV file to adding points.
8. The Magento Customer reward points plugin allows the store admin to create multiple rules and apply them. The customers can get loyalty points if they met the conditions.
9. The online store admin can email and inform the customer regarding loyalty points. 
10. The Magento Loyalty points and discount module allows the online store admin to check the loyalty point balance of any customer from the admin interface.
11. Admin can also change the loyalty points status from the admin interface of this Magento Reward points module.
12. The Loyalty points extension for Magento allows the eCommerce store merchant to send an email notification to the customers for different status of loyalty points.

Admin Benefits of using Magento Loyalty points extension

1. The online store admin can retain existing customers and also acquire new customers.
2. By offering loyalty points to the customers, the store admin can assure continuous orders from the same customers.
3. This whole loyalty points scenario boosts customer engagement without any extra efforts.
4. The online store admin can apply specific conditions which will increase the average order value of the customers. 
5. By offering loyalty points and related discounts, admin cab Increase product sales on the website.
6. The Magento Loyalty points and discount module allows sending an alert email notification for informing about coupon expiry.
Customer Benefits of using Magento Loyalty Points module
1. The online users can get loyalty points on registration and first order.
2. The existing customers can get loyalty points on ordering any specific products, on a particular order amount and other events. 
3. Online customers can get loyalty points on their birthday.
4. They can get an alert email before loyalty points get expired.
5. They can easily redeem the loyalty points by converting it into a discount voucher.
6. The online customers can apply the voucher code and get a discount on their next purchase.
7. The online customers can view the loyalty points details in the loyalty points history section.
8. The online customers can also view the loyalty point details in their mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.


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