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FB Store - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.1 (1-Aug-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 25+
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Magento FB Store extension

Once you have built your online store, the next step is to reach out to more and more potential customers. FB Store is one effective method to grow your online business on a popular social platform like Facebook. Start selling and showcasing your products on Facebook with over 2 billion active users.


Magento FB Shop extension by Knowband allows you to boost the product visibility on social platforms. From sharing contents with ease and marketing the store products on FB Store, merchants can effortlessly step ahead to hike the sales and revenues of their online store. Magento FB Shop extension helps the admin by connecting their Magento store with the Facebook page and helps to improve the product’s visibility on the popular social networking site. The Magento Facebook store module offers real-time synchronization between the eCommerce store and the FB page. They can list the products on the FB store with getting indulged into any sort of manual synchronization. Additionally, the admins can display the best sellers, featured products, featured categories on their Facebook Store. Once the customer clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ option on the FB Shop, they are automatically redirected to the Magento store.

Magento Facebook Store Extension Features:

  • The store admin can integrate their eCommerce site with their FB page from the back-end panel of Magento Facebook store plugin.
  • The Magento FB Store extension helps you display a navigation menu in the front-end, so that, the customers can browse your FB store effortlessly.
  • With Magento Facebook Store Integration module, you can create a FB shop that features a search field at the top of FB Shop, allowing the customers to search for categories and products.
  • With Magento FB shop integration, admin can track the performance of the connected pages using Google Analytics.
  • Magento FB Shop extension allows the store merchant to set up a logo image, sliders and homepage banners on their Facebook store. These sliders and banners can be easily configured from the backend.
  • Admin can easily enable/disable the Magento Facebook Store Setup from the backend of the module.
  • The Magento Facebook store extension offers customizable shop tab.
  • The Magento FB Store extension allows the admin to connect any number of FB pages and manage them easily from a single admin interface.
  • With the help of Magento FB shop integration module, admin can display Best Seller, Popular, Special and New Product from their main website to FB store page.
  • Admin can change the theme color, Facebook theme hover color and font color for their Facebook store page using this
  • Magento Facebook shop integration module.
  • Magento FB Shop extension allows admin to set the featured categories for the FB shop page. 
  • Likewise, admin can also set the featured products using Magento facebook integration module.
  • Magento FB store integration module lets the admin set the list of products to be displayed on the homepage of Magento Facebook Store.
  • With the help of Magento Facebook Shop extension, admin can modify the footer content of FB shop page.

Benefits of Magento Facebook Store Integration for Admin:

  • Magento Facebook Shop extension helps in generating more traffic and sale by displaying the products to a larger chunk of customers on Facebook.
  • Magento Facebook integration module redirects the customer from the FB page to the site, thus, it contributes in boosting the website’s traffic.
  • This is one way to engage your customer base even when they are surfing their Facebook account.
  • The Magento Facebook shop extension helps you to drive potential leads via Facebook fan page which increases the revenue of the website.
  • Facebook commerce done using Magento FB Store extension increases customer’s loyalty towards your store.
  • Magento FB Shop increases the visibility of your products on highly-engaged social media platform like Facebook.
  • Merchants can effectively sell popular products and new arrivals on the store.

Benefits to the Customers:

  • Facebook users can easily view a wide range of store products just by visiting the Facebook Shop page.
  • The customers can directly buy the products from your FB store page.
  • Magento FB shop integration module adds a ‘Add to Cart’ option on FB shop, which automatically redirects the customer to your Magento store.


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