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Birthday Coupon - Magento ® Extensions
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Birthday Coupon - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (26-Sep-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10+
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Magento Birthday Coupon extension

For an eCommerce business, Customer retention is a great asset. It costs significantly more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. As per Harvard Business School report, “on average, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25%-95%". Building lasting customer relationships is the key to improve the retention rate. In order to achieve the same, Knowband has released the Birthday Coupon Extension, that play an important role in retaining the existing customers. Birthday Coupon Extension for Magento sends an automatic birthday email to the customers on their birthday. This tactic can be used to develop a strong bond with your customers. As a gift, you can offer a discount coupon code that can also be offered to the customers which can be used by the customer on their future purchases.

Magento Birthday Coupon Extension allows the store admin to please your customer on their birthday alternatively admin can use this extension to send the ‘Thank You’ message to the customer on completion of one year of account registration. The admin can set the category and country restriction for the generated coupons. This is one of the ways to stay close to your customers and provide them with a compelling reason to return back to your store. 

Key Features of Magento Birthday Coupon Extension:

Send Greeting Emails: Magento Birthday Gift Extension allows the store owners to send surprising emails to the customers on their birthday with the coupon code. The store admin can create the percentage based coupons or fixed discount coupons.

Select the occasion: Birthday Coupon Extension provides an option to the admin to select the occasion by sending the coupon. The mail can be sent on the birthday of customers or one-year completion of account completion.  

Customization of Emails: The admin can choose the customized email template according to the occasion they select. The admin can either send it on the birthday of the customers or when they complete one year of account creation. In either case, emails can be customized in a few simple steps.

Restriction rules: Magento Birthday Coupon Extension enables the store admin to restrict the particular country and category. On a restricted country and category, the coupon code will be applicable.

Set the Discount Type: By using the Magento Birthday Gift Present Module, the admin can select the discount type i.e. percent, amount and a free gift. 

Percent Discount: If you are select percent discount then you need to set the percentage value of the coupon. For example 20%, 50% and more.

Fixed Amount: In case you select the amount option, then, you need to select the currency in which you want to offer the discount. 
Free Gift: If you want to offer the free gift to your customers then you can select a product and send it as a free gift.

Statistical report: With the help of this Magento Birthday Coupon Extension, the store admin can view the entire report of the marketing campaign. Birthday Coupon Extension generates the tabular and graphical reports which are easy to understand.

Other Feature of Magento Birthday Coupon Extension:

  • Magento Birthday Coupon Extension allows the store admin to offer the free shipping to the customers.
  • With Birthday Coupon Extension for Magento, the admin can change the coupon prefix or coupon code name as per the requirement.
  • The admin can set the minimum cart value required to avail the discount offered to form the back-end of the Magento Birthday Coupon Extension.
  • Magento Birthday Gift Module is extremely easy to use and handle.
  • Magento Birthday Coupon Extension is multi-store compatible.
  • Magento Birthday Coupon Module allows the e-merchants to set the duration of the coupon validity.lows the e-merchants to set the duration of the coupon validity.


Admin Benefits:

  • With the help of this Birthday Coupon Extension, the admin can retain the existing customers.
  • The admin can build and strong relationship with customers.
  • With the help of this Birthday Coupon, the admin can build enhance brand awareness.
  • The Admin can increase customer engagement.

Customer Benefits:

  • The customer feels special when they receive the coupon on their birthday and change the mindset to the next shopping.
  • Customers can use the birthday coupon on next shopping's.


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