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Google reCaptcha - Magento ® Extensions

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Magento Google reCaptcha extension

Do you have a Magento store? Do you get fed up of Spam and Spammers? Especially the spam-bots that cause harm to your website and its content.

Don't worry, we have for you Magento Google ReCaptcha module by Knowband. It is a Magento module designed to verify that the user is a human.  It is normally done in order to protect the website from bots. This Magento human verification module lets real people pass through with ease and protects the site from spammers and bots.

Benefits for Admin

  • Easy to configure.
  • Protection from spam bots.
  • Protection from Spam registrations.
  • Protection from Spam messages.
  • Protection from spam comments.
  • The Magento store admin can choose the pages to display the Google ReCaptcha extension.
  • The admin can choose the number of trials before ReCaptcha is displayed.
  • Step by Step instructions to get Site key and Secret Key.
  • Admin can choose the theme color for ReCaptcha.
  • Advance admin can add custom CSS and JS code.


1. The module by Knowband is easy to install and configure.

2. It improves the Website’s Security.

3. The store admin benefits by blocking Spam registrations, messages, and comments, etc., using the Magento Google reCaptcha.

4. The extension features options to show Google ReCaptcha on 4 pages which are the protected pages:

  • Customer Login Page
  • Customer Registration Page
  • Customer Contact Page
  • Customer Forgotten Password page.

5. A Configurable number of login attempts before Google ReCaptcha is displayed.

6. The Magento extension has is Light and Dark Themes to complement your website.  

7. The store admin has the option to change custom CSS and JS.

8. The module is SSL compatible.

9. It is Multi Store compatible

10. Compatible with all themes

11. Multi Language Compatibility

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