Google Shopping - Magento 2 ® Extensions
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Google Shopping - Magento 2 ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v2.0.0 - v2.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.2 (29-June-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 5000+
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Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Module

Google is a very famous search engine which already made a big name in the field of internet business. The program is especially influencing the expansion probabilities of eCommerce stores to a really massive level.

Foremost it optimizes the performance of your eCommerce store by providing high-quality product feed to succeed in the correct individuals with relevant product ads. With Google searching, on-line searching sites will show their product pictures and worth at the highest right section of the search results. Google searching is majorly powered by 2 platforms: AdWords and Google merchandiser Center. Google merchandiser Center is the place wherever you’ll create your product feed lives. AdWords is where your actual trying campaigns are created. You will set your budget, manage your bids, gain insights and make optimizations supported performance in Google AdWords.


Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration extension makes it easier for the Magento2-based eCommerce store owners to create these Google shopping ads with ease. The Magento 2 Google Shopping API extension integrates your eCommerce store with Google Merchant Center. The real-time synchronization setup between the Google Shopping and Magento 2 makes it easy to list products on Google, map store categories with Google categories, map product attributes with Google attributes, easy syncing of products on Google, etc.


Key benefits of Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Module:

  • Map the entire Magento 2 category to Google Shopping
  • Easily compatible with the multi-shop environment
  • Admin can easily exclude products based on several conditions like products below a specific price, products without unique identifiers (EAN13/JAN or UPC)
  • It helps you to save a lot of time and effort for manual product feed.

How does it work?

Firstly, get your Google Shopping Magento 2 integrator from the Knowband site. Then, install it in your eCommerce site. Create an account at Google Merchant Center and get the API details. Enter the same in the back-end of the Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration module in order to establish the connection. Once the connection is set up, create profiles and map the categories as well as attributes. Create feeds and map the profiles. Sync the feed by executing cron in the back-end of the Google Shopping Magento 2 integrator. It takes about 2 days to get the feeds approved by Google Merchant Center.


Features of the Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration module

There are several options present in the Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration module which helps to perform the various tasks to sync the Magento 2 store products to Google Shopping.

Features of Google Shopping Magento2 Integration Module

Create a Profile for Product Listing

Profile Management

In Magento 2 Google Shopping, with the help of Profile Management, the store admin is able to select the basic settings to list the product like –Store category selection, Currency, Language and other required fields. Under this tab, admin can also select Google Ad-sense Custom Labels. After doing this admin has to create a feed for that created profile.

Product Description Template

The Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension allows the admin to use the different placeholders for the product description. So that admin can make their product description very impactful by using these placeholders in Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension. The admin can use the placeholders like - id_product} {product_title} {weight} {price}.

Exclude Products

From the general Setting tab, admin can exclude products that are out of stock, whose price is less than a specified range and for those products which do not have any UPC or EAN number. So, if the admin wants to exclude these products he can easily do using Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration Extension.

UTM Tracking

In the general settings tab, admin gets a facility to track the traffic comes to their Magento 2 store by using different UTM parameters given by Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension. So, the admin can easily check that where the traffic came from to their Magento 2 store he can easily check using the UTM tracking feature of Magento 2 Google Shopping integration extension.

Steps to list products on Google Shopping

Product Listing

All the products that admin needs to list on the Google Shopping can be viewed under the Product listing tab of the Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration extension. The admin is able to view the product image, Listing Id, Name, Profile to which product is mapped, Listing Status and Date Added. By hovering to the image admin can see the image as well and check its quality. Admin can also able to see the errors for a particular product in Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension.

Feed Management

In this tab of the Google Shopping Magento 2 Integrator, the admin will get the feature to configure a schedule on the behalf of which Google Shopping Magento 2 module can upload products on Google without any manual interference. Admin just has to fill the feed name and set the feed time under feed management in Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension.

Delete products

This feature allows admin to delete their products from the product listing page of Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension. The deleted products will get removed from the Google Shopping store. So, if the admin wants to remove the products which he doesn’t want to show on Google shopping he can easily do using the delete tab in Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Extension.

Synchronization between Magento 2 and Google Shoppingg


For automating the product listing, orders synchronization, product status update the admin needs to run different crons. The admin can set these crons for a specific time when the cron will run the automated process will synchronize the data between the Magento 2 and Google Shopping.

Feed Sync

Feed Sync allows the admin to sync the feeds from the Magento 2 Store to the Google Shopping. This cron will synchronize all the feeds of Magento 2 to Google Shopping. So, when the feed is synchronized with Google shopping it will list the products on Google shopping page.

Sync Product Status

By clicking the "Product Status Synchronization” the admin can update the Google Shopping listing status of the products. This can help the admin to get the latest status of the products.

Advance Features

Audit Log

In Google Shopping Integration Extension, under the audit log admin is able to see the latest activities and tasks done with the time status as well. The store admin can see the status of the various tasks running in the back-end of the Magento 2 Google Shopping integration extension.


1. How can I choose other countries on the profile management page?

To enable the other countries you need to enable other countries for your store. To enable the countries follow the steps below:

  • Go to International->Localization from the menu.
  • Select Countries Tab
  • Click on edit, mark the country Active, and save settings.

2. The country is already enabled for the store but it is still not showing in the Profile Management.

You can not list product in any language or currency of your choice, Google has already set of currency, language for each country and our module populates option in the select field as per Google data (only if that currency and language are enabled) so if language or currency is not populating than you will have to choose other currency or language.

3. We found that some of the products are not listed in the category.

The feed in the Google Marketplace Integration module only works with the default categories of the product. 

Understand it by an example, 

If product A is under two categories ‘home’ and ‘smartphone’ and we have created the feed for the ‘smartphone’ category. Then the product will be listed only if the ‘smartphone’ is the default category of the product. 

If ‘home’ is the default category of the product, then this product will not be listed with the feed created for the ‘smartphone’ category.

4. How to create the connection for google shopping merchant

We have provided the steps in our user manual for the setup.

Please check the same from the below link:

5. I want to list all the products of the store to the Google merchant account, but cron is not working.

To sync your products to Google please increase your maximum execution time because to sync products takes time because you have selected all the categories of your store and due to which all of your store products are processing.

6. How to increase maximum execution time?

To increase the maximum execution time you have to change the limit in the file php.ini which you will find in your hosting panel.

7. What is the difference between adding a cron and ‘Feed upload Schedule’ on the Feed Management?

With Feed upload schedule you can schedule a feed in days, weeks, and months by selecting a particular profile. But using a cron you can list all the products of the store.

8. What will happen if we deleted the feed, will products of those categories will be removed from the merchant center?

If you deleted a feed then it will be removed from your list in the Feeds section. Deleting a feed will remove all of the products that are submitted as product data in the feed. If you’re replacing an old feed with a new feed that contains similar product data, the new feed should be uploaded before you remove the old feed.

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