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Compatibility: Magento v2.0.0 - v2.3.4
Latest Version: v1.0.0
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Magento 2 Facebook Loginizer 

Ensure a seamless account registration and login facility for your customers with this Magento 2 Facebook Loginizer plugin. This free Magento extension has made it possible to attain a quick account login and registration facility without any frequent redirects. Today users are impatient and it is difficult to remember password for each website that makes them reluctant to create a new account just for the sole purpose of social media login. But, now with this plugin, users can effortlessly register and login on various online businesses through their earlier known Facebook credentials. 

How it works?

Firstly, you need to create an application for your store at Facebook developer website and then, you can configure the application as per your store requirements. You need to have access of the APP ID and SECRET. After that, you need to install 'FACEBOOK LOGINIZER' plugin on your website and then paste the App ID and secret at the required place. Once, the plugin is installed, a Login strip will be added to your login page, checkout page and registration page for facilitating a faster account registration and login process. 
Check out this valuable information below for the reference purpose:
Screen 1: Your Login strip will be displayed either on the left or right. 
Screen 2: Once, a user clicks on the login strip, he/she will be redirected to Facebook login page for the login process.
Screen 3: By logging into their Facebook account, the user will be asked to allow the access of personal data like email id by this Magento 2 extension. 
Screen 4: After the final approval by the user for accessing their personal data through the app, they will be redirected to your concerned store as a signed in customer.

Reasons to buy Facebook Loginizer:

1    It can be easily installed and configured by anyone. 
2    The plugin makes use of Facebook, the most popular social networking website for turning a site visitor into customer with just a simple click.     
3    Magento 2 Facebook Loginizer is compatible with various Magento versions like 1.7,1.8,1.9.    
4    Availability of a simple admin user interface and configuration options.    
5    Seamless customization option for Facebook login strip to boost faster account logins.    
6    The extension is compatible with various popular browsers.    
7    It does not pose any problem with other available modules.
8    Provides free user manual for ensuring quick and seamless plugin installation.
9    Round the clock, dedicated technical support. 

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