Top 10 PrestaShop addons to boost your Holiday sales


The holiday season is coming close. It is that time of the year when e-retailers look for every single opportunity to attract customers to their store and maximize sales.

The holiday season alone captures sales equivalent to the sales during the rest of the year. According to NRF, holiday sales for 2021 are expected to rise by around 4% as compared to 2020.

If you are a PrestaShop store merchant, here are the top 10 PrestaShop addons that you should implement in your store, to boost your holiday sales.

1. PrestaShop Spin and Win

PrestaShop Spin and win

The first one in our list of PrestaShop holiday modules is the PrestaShop Spin and Win.

Grab customer attention and enhance customer engagement on your website by adding a gamified interface to it.

Knowband’s Spin and Win addon for PrestaShop is one of the best PrestaShop addons to increase customer engagement and your email list. It provides your visitors with a gamifying experience when they visit your store, by displaying them a Spin and Win wheel popup.

PrestaShop Spin and Win addon allows you to design your popup as per the occasion. Give a festive look to your website and provide the festival feel to your visitors. With the help of PrestaShop Spin and Win addon, you can set your popup theme for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.

The more attractive your popup will look, the more engagement it will create. Let visitors spin the wheel and earn some exciting offers. The holiday season is the perfect time to lure visitors with some discounts and offers and convert them into potential buyers.

2. PrestaShop Gift Card Manager

gift card

This holiday season, when customers will be too busy shopping, make their task easy and save their time by offering them the Gift Card option.

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager allows you to create multiple gift card templates for multiple occasions. It also comes with pre-existing gift card templates for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. You can give a festive look to your gift cards to catch the holiday spirit and boost your holiday sales.

Let customers spread the love through your gift cards. Gift cards will not only increase your holiday sales but also make the best way to increase your brand awareness.


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3. PrestaShop One Page Checkout

PrestaShop One Page Checkout

Let a lengthy and a complicated checkout not be a barrier in your conversions during the peak holiday hours. Replace the conventional multi-step checkout with a single page checkout.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout puts all the checkout fields on a single page and provides your customers with a smooth and hassle-free checkout. To simplify your checkout process, it offers Guest Checkout, Social Login (through Facebook, Google and PayPal) and supports all major payment methods and shipping services. There are tons of other customizations which a merchant can make to make the checkout process convenient.

4. PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

Our another high rated module in the list of PrestaShop holiday addons is PrestaShop Mobile App Builder.

Mobile Apps have taken the user experience to a whole new level. Today, a majority of customers prefer having a mobile app as it is far more convenient than browsing a website. With that being said, launching a mobile app for your brand will not only increase customer engagement but also boost your revenue to a great extent.

Transform your PrestaShop website into a native Android and iOS mobile app with the help of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder and provide your customers with an enhanced online shopping experience.

Features like Real-time synchronization, Unlimited Push Notification, Fingerprint Login, Zopim and WhatsApp Chat support, etc. make the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder highly exciting.

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5. PrestaShop Return Manager

With mass orders, also increases the order returns and the delay in the product return can irk customers.

So, speed up your return process and manage your eCommerce returns conveniently with PrestaShop Return Manager addon. Apart from the usual Refund and Replacement process, it provides your customers with the option to opt for the “Store Credits” which they can receive for the product amount. It ensures customer loyalty as well as customer retention since the customer would surely be visiting your store again in the future to utilise the credits.

6. PrestaShop Loyalty Points

loyalti points

Adding to the list of our PrestaShop holiday modules is PrestaShop Loyalty Points.

Make the journey of your new customer as well as the existing customers exciting by rewarding them some loyalty points every time they make a purchase on your store. This is a perfect idea to acquire new customers and ensure repeat purchases, especially during the holiday season.

Knowband’s Loyalty Points addon for PrestaShop focuses on customer retention and customer acquisition, at the same time. You can reward loyalty points to a new visitor when they sign-up on your store, and turn him/her into your loyal customer within no time. The points can be used as a discount voucher.

If you offer loyalty points for every purchase that a customer makes on your store, you can generate huge holiday sales.

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7. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart

One of the most helpful PrestaShop modules for this holiday season would be PrestaShop Abandoned Cart.

Brands witness a high number of abandoned carts during the holiday season. Those numbers can cost you a huge loss in the revenue. Though you cannot put a stop to cart abandonment, you can surely recover some lost sales and even a slight recovery in the cart abandonment rate can add to a huge amount in the total revenue.

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart addon allows you to track and chase the abandoned cart users and helps you recover the lost sales by sending regular follow-up emails.

This PrestaShop module reduces the cart abandonment rate, ultimately resulting in increased conversions.

8. PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program

Referral programs can be a big boost to your e-commerce sales. While the holiday season is approaching, you can start a referral program and provide exciting incentives to users when they refer your brand to his/her friends, family or relatives and the latter makes a successful purchase.

You can run such a referral program on your store with the help of PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program addon. A customer can register as an affiliate on your store, share your website link with his other people and earn vouchers or cash when the referent successfully registers or makes a purchase.

9. PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup

store locator and pickup

Another PrestaShop holiday season module to look out for is the PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup.

The product delivery takes too long during the holiday season, making customers run out of patience. Because of bulk orders, it becomes difficult for the shipping providers to ship every product in a quick span.

Customers, too, know this very well. In such cases, PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup addon manages things quite conveniently.

If you have your stores located in multiple locations, you can display them at the front end of your website and allow customers to select their nearby store so that they do not have to wait too long for the product to get delivered. Customers can reach out to the nearby store and pick up their item.

10. PrestaShop Booking and Rental system

PrestaShop Booking and Rental system

Have a renting business? Now manage everything online with PrestaShop Booking and Rental system addon.

During occasions like Halloween or Christmas, people look to buy costumes on rent. There is a heavy demand for it. Hence, if you run such business, you can provide people with theme-based costumes or dresses on rent and boost your holiday sales.

You still have time to get everything set before the holiday season starts. Try out these 10 PrestaShop addons and capture huge sales in the coming holiday season.

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