Gift Card for Holiday season

Get more Holiday sales by setting up a Gift Card section on your store

“This holiday season, turn up your sales volume by adding the gift card facility to your online business.”

Everyone loves receiving gifts but only the one who is gifting knows how tiring of a task it is to find a suitable gift. Well actually, this has remained a problem for people. Gifting was never a concern but when it comes to deciding what to gift, people find themselves in a stressful situation.

To reduce the hassle for your customers in search of a gift, Knowband comes with the Gift Card Manager module. Let Gifting not be trouble anymore.

Gift Card Manager

Gift Card Manager by Knowband integrates a gift card section on your eCommerce website and helps your customers find the desired gift card easily.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is high time that you get this module and start offering Mother’s Day gift card on your website. Our Gift Card module makes it easy to add multiple gift cards on your website.


Have a look at what our Gift Card module offers:

1. Pre-existing Gift Card templates for multiple occasions

We have added a number of Gift Card templates to ease up the task for the merchants. The Gift Card Manager extension provides merchants with the Gift card templates for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.

Apart from the Holiday based Gift cards, the Gift Card Manager comes up with the templates related to Birthdays, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

2. Add new Gift Cards

Couldn’t find the template you were looking for? No issues. You can add templates on your own. Just tap the “Add new template” button and make your customizations.

Gift Card Manager PrestaShop

3. Assign a category to your Gift Cards

Assigning a category to your Gift Cards helps customers to look for the desired gift card quickly. When you assign multiple categories to different Gift Cards, those categories are shown at the front end of your website, hence saving customer’s time in search of the desired gift card.

For example, Gift cards related to Halloween and Christmas can be put under the Festival category.

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager

4. Customize your Gift cards

The Gift Card Manager provides you with the option to set attractive images to your gift cards. The more appealing your Gift Cards look, more customer attention it will grab.

You can also allow your customers to send the gift card to the recipients over their email address or deliver at their residence address.

You need to enable “Physical Gift Card allowed” for the gift card delivery to a recipient’s address and enable “Virtual Gift Card allowed” for giving customers the option to send it via email.

The Gift Cards tab allows you to define the gift cards worth. Within this tab,

1. You can provide a name to your gift card

2. Set the gift card price

3. Define the gift card quantity

4. Set the gift card validity

5. Allow free shipping

6. Allow partial usage of the gift card amount

7. Set the currency in which the gift card can be purchased. If currency preference is set to “All currencies”, then gift card can be purchased for all of the mentioned currencies.

Gift Card Manager

5. View your Gift card orders

Every gift card purchased will be displayed under the “Gift Card orders.”

The tab consists of the order reference id, recipient’s email address, delivery date, gift card status, etc.

6. Set a minimum delivery gap for the gift card

You can keep a few days gap between the order placement and the delivery of the gift card. No gift card will be delivered before this period.

7. Display the Gift Card block at multiple places

You can display the gift card tab at the header, footer or under the “My Account” section of the customer.

It can also be displayed separately on the centre-left side of the website.

8. Personalize your email content

You can make changes to the email subject and the email content for both the recipient and the sender.

The Gift Card Manager Extension by Knowband is GDPR compliant and is available for various platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento and Magento 2. Check out

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager addon

OpenCart Gift Card extension

Magento Gift Card extension

Magento 2 Gift Card extension

Final word

Gift cards are effective and have a huge potential to scale up your revenue graph, not only in the holiday season in particular but throughout the year. Yes, the sales count can be less other days but it would anyways be beneficial to have a gift card section on your store.

If you are looking for the Gift Card modules for the holiday season, you must try our Gift Card Manager for your respective platform. What are you waiting for? Get the module today and boost your sales on Mother’s Day.

Have any doubt in any of the modules? Drop a mail to us at

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