10 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Uplift your Sales this October

The spooky Halloween Day is not so far away. Soon, you would see people in a ghostly get-up or wearing a freaky pumpkin mask.

The time has arrived for the eCommerce merchants to start planning their holiday marketing ideas, and Halloween is the first one to begin with, followed by Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year.

Did you know? The Halloween sales hit an estimated $9 billion mark in the U.S last year, as per a report by National Retail Federation. It has shown spectacular growth over the years and would catch up a very high number in the upcoming years.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays. It is not only rejoiced by the consumers but also makes an excellent opportunity for the e-retailers to boost their sales.

In this article, I will provide you with some useful Halloween marketing strategies to catch up with the Halloween spirit and increase your sales.

Here are some of the effective Halloween Marketing Ideas:

1. Give a Halloween look to your website design

The first and the foremost thing to perform for Halloween marketing would be customizing your store as per Halloween. Let your visitors and customers get the Halloween feel as soon as they enter your website. Add some spooky elements on your Home Page, Product Page, Registration form, etc. Use spooky fonts. Design your banner in such a way that leaves people startled.

If you are displaying some offers, make sure they contain the Halloween touch.

For example, if you are having a Spin and Popup on your website, you can choose a Halloween theme to add the festive touch to the wheel.

Below is the example of KnowBand’s Spin and Win addon for PrestaShop. It offers pre-existing templates not only for Halloween but also for other major occasions. Such popup themes help you grab more customer engagement.

spin and win halloween look

Another Halloween marketing idea would be to add a Halloween touch to your brand logo with some scary elements like spooky pumpkin, haunted house, bats, etc. This way you would be able to catch the Halloween spirit and obviously your visitors’ attention.

Have a look at how Google set up its logo on one of the Halloween occasions.

Google Logo Halloween Marketing

3. Tweak your Social Media Pages with Halloween elements

Adding to the list of Halloween marketing ideas, you should look to replace your current Brand page profile and cover picture with a Halloween related image on your social media pages. It should bring to the notice of your followers and give them a reminder about the arrival of the coming holiday season.

In fact, if you are running an offer or promotion, you can mention it on your cover picture.

4. Host contests or launch a user-generated content campaign

One of the most effective Halloween Marketing strategies would be hosting Halloween contests or running a user-generated content campaign where you can ask users to upload and submit their pictures in Halloween costumes by using a specific Hashtag.

In return, you can provide the ones with most spooky look with some gift cards or discount coupons. These kinds of activities make your Brand popular on social media platforms.

5. Create a spooky brand video

Video marketing is gaining huge popularity. Following the rise, brands are missing no opportunity to showcase their creative skills in front of their audience.

The holiday season is the perfect time to get your brand noticed, and there is no better way to do it than having a creative video that could contain a bit of humour along with a message.

Brainstorm some ideas and come up with something which you could relate to your brand. You can set a marketing example for others and make people remember your Brand if your Halloween Marketing video gets viral.

6. Give a spooky look to your Gift Cards

If you have a gift card section in your store, designing your gift cards as per Halloween would make up a great idea for Halloween Marketing.

Digital Gift cards are sold in huge numbers during the holiday season as people are busy and in a hurry to purchase gifts for their loved ones. This is when Gift cards save their much important time. By adding a festive flair to your gift cards, you would give more than enough reasons to consumers to go for the gift card purchase.

You can have a look at our PrestaShop Gift Card addon that comes with pre-existing gift card templates for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. Using this addon, you can create your gift card templates as per your requirements.


Why Digital Gift Cards are important to your business?

Get more Holiday sales by setting up a Gift Card section on your store

7. Provide a Halloween touch to your email marketing campaigns

If you have been going conventional till now, it is time to change the approach. Email marketing brings a lot of benefits and adding a festive touch to your newsletters or promotional emails can make a great impact in terms of sales and brand awareness.

Include your offers in your emails and let your subscribers know what benefits they can take from your store during the Halloween days.

Also, maintain a frequency. Don’t be salesy every time, else it might turn your subscribers off.

8. Do not forget to design for mobile app

If your business has a mobile app, it is the perfect opportunity to add some Halloween elements to it. You should, in fact, give a Halloween look to your app icon as well.

Mobile Commerce has overtaken desktop sales and the numbers are going to be humongous over the next few years. So, everything you plan for the desktop version should also be optimized for mobile as well. Moreover, you can run specific offers and promotions exclusively for the mobile app.

You should also take the maximum advantage of Push Notifications to announce your Halloween Marketing campaigns.

Be a step ahead of your competitors by not only providing discounts to your customers but also helping them choose a perfect Halloween gift for their friends or family.

Display the relevant items to capture people’s attention right on the Home Page and motivate them to shop. This way, you will be able to generate the gift ideas in your customers’ mind and help them in finding a gift which they would have themselves not expected.

10. Provide a small gift on every purchase

Include a small theme-based gift on every order placed by the customer to enhance their shopping experience. It will likely put a smile on their face and customers would remember your brand next time they come to shop at your store during Halloween.


The upcoming 3-4 months are going to be hectic for the eCommerce merchants. They would be looking to grab as many sales as they can during the peak holiday season.

Start your Holiday marketing with Halloween. Though the primary focus would be towards sales, do not forget to get involved in the fun activities with your customers and followers.

Pay attention to these 10 Halloween Marketing ideas and you would surely be able to see an elevation in your sales graph.

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