This Holiday Season, launch Spin-wheel integrated PrestaShop Mobile App to boost sales

Spin-win integrated Mobile Apps

The holiday season is the most awaited time of the year, not only for online shoppers but also for eCommerce merchants. The final quarter of the year has always remained exciting. The shopping fever will be at its peak during the upcoming three months which provides e-retailers with a perfect opportunity to achieve sky-high sales.

Holiday sales in retail sector


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How to achieve sale targets?

From designing your eCommerce website to planning holiday campaigns using exclusive offers, brands do certain things to catch up with the holiday spirit with a primary motive to provide their customers with a sense of joy while shopping. These efforts, sooner or later increase total sales count, hence more revenue.

The two most important things to boost your sales are to persuading customers to shop and providing them with a simplified shopping experience. This can be achieved by having a Gamified Pop-up on your website and having a Mobile app for your business, and these two will be the focus of this article today. Stick till the end to know the fool-proof plan of success.

PrestaShop Spin and Win

PrestaShop Spin and Win

You would have often encountered the Spin and Win pop-up on the homepage of many websites. Well, it is an effective user engagement tool, which is why it is highly preferred by website owners. PrestaShop Spin and Win addon by KnowBand is an attractive pop-up that adds a gamified element to your website’s interface and catches more user engagement.

The primary motive of this addon is to provide enticing offers and discounts to your visitors by engaging them in a fun activity rather than being very straightforward about it. People try their luck by spinning the wheel. Upon winning an offer, a user feels a sense of excitement. Ultimately, the user provides his/her details to claim the offer and use it on the purchase.

Here is what our PrestaShop Spin and Win module offer:

  1. Tons of customization of the pop-up not only regarding its look and feel but also about its placement. You can decide where, when and who you want to display the pop-up. You can set a time for the pop-up appearance, adjust the display frequency, and much more.
  2. Personalize your offers that would be displayed in the slices of the wheel.
  3. To catch the holiday spirit, we have added multiple themes in this popup for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, you can also customize the spin and win popup as per the occasion to catch the spirit of Christmas and New Year.

Latest updates in Prestashop Spin and Win Module:

  1. Prestashop Spin and Win Module have currently introduced some incredible features like theme scheduling, customization of a slice of the wheel, Progress Meter, Progress percentage, and Progress label. Starting with theme scheduling, this can be done before the actual event day. This freshly added feature in the Spin and Win Entry popup module helps in scheduling the themes dates as well as the time. Furthermore, the latest feature added to the Spin and Win Entry popup module helps the admin set a date and time validity for a certain theme that will be shown for the duration of that time.
  2. The number of slices in the wheel can be changed to suit your needs. By simply pressing a few buttons, the administrator can change the look and feel of the spin wheel. The merchant can control the spin’s display location, frequency, and gravity from the Prestashop module’s backend.
  3. Progress Meter feature in Prestashop Spin and Win email subscription Popup addon displays a progress meter on the user interface. Furthermore, the Progress percentage allows the admin to add value to the progress meter. The percentage indicated by the administrator is displayed on the progress meter.
  4. Progress label, the newly added feature in Prestashop spin and win entry popup below the progress meter, a label or a message is displayed. Admin can change the label text in the general settings menu.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

Today, customers desire a convenient browsing & shopping experience. And with mobile apps in trend over the last few years, people now expect an app for their every small need. Having a mobile app surely connects you to more people and creates a higher chance of a sale.

This is why I suggest having a mobile app for your PrestaShop website so that people get more involved and feel familiar with your business. PrestaShop Mobile App Builder lets you develop a responsive mobile app(Android and iOS.) for your website without any requirement of coding or technical knowledge. The latest updates in the module are compatibility with Prestashop  Delivery Boy App. Furthermore, it is compatible with Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace and Prestashop marketplace module.

Here is what our PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers:

Easy customization: Enhance the look and feel of your mobile app by customizing your mobile app design. It includes adjusting the app color, background color, font of the PrestaShop Mobile App, and much more.

Homepage optimization: Optimize your home page as per your requirements. Design your homepage for multiple occasions, and catch user attention. You can also make changes in your banners and home screen products set a countdown timer to create urgency and display your brand logo on the Header.

A theme-based Spin and Win popup will add an attractive interface to your mobile app during the holiday season.

Multi-lingual and RTL Support: Supports multiple languages along with RTL writing styles like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Real-time synchronization: Any changes made to the website are instantly reflected on the mobile app.

Easy login facility: Google and Facebook login, Fingerprint login, and log in through OTP.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder has countless other features like multiple payment and shipping support, all types of product support, Zopim, and WhatsApp Chat support, Push Notifications, simplified checkout, etc.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is a one-stop solution for all your mobile app needs.

Here is what we have for you in the offer!

PrestaShop Spin and Win + PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

We are currently offering the combination of PrestaShop Spin and Win and PrestaShop Mobile App Builder for just $225, which is way below the cost of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder alone.

PrestaShop Mobile App builder(Android and iOS)- $207.20

The PrestaShop Spin and Win- $39.99

Prestashop Mobile App Builder is available at an additional 30% Off. Use Code MOBI30.

Year-end sale- Min 20% Off Sitewide+ Extra 20% Off. Use Code: KBOFF20

Go, grab the offer today!

The following snapshots will depict how this integration could be valuable for your online business shop:

ChristmasChristma Day

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

If you have any queries regarding the module or need any further customizations, you can raise a ticket by emailing us at

Good luck with your Holiday sales!

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