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5 Quickfire Prestashop Addons that can Boost your Conversions

E-commerce merchants crave for conversions, but conversions do not happen automatically. It requires your time, efforts and a well-structured strategy. If you are a Prestashop store owner and looking for some helpful addons to boost your conversions, you can try out the Prestashop addons that are listed below.

1. Spin and win popup module

Spin & Win prestashop module, Knowband Spin & Win Module, Prestashop Spin & Win Module

The traditional approach of asking for visitor’s email addresses by offering them some deals and discounts doesn’t work any longer. This is why e-retailers come up with new ideas every now and then to increase customer engagement. And why shouldn’t they? Customer engagement is an important factor to drive more conversions.

Spin and Win popup is the recent approach followed by merchants to engage customers. The motive behind this is to provide a gamifying experience to users, make them earn some discount by spinning the wheel and capture their email addresses when they claim the deal. Prestashop Spin and Win pop-up addon is a 3-in-1 popup (Entry, Exit, and Email subscription popup) that focuses on engaging your users in a fun activity. When visitors enter your store, they are asked to spin the wheel to win some amazing discounts on your store. Curious to win discounts, users spin the wheel and provide their email addresses to claim the offer. This way, you get their email addresses which can prove to be very useful for your email marketing campaigns. You can display the spin and win popup even at the time when a visitor is attempting to take an exit from your store.

2. FB wall post

FB Wall Post, Knowband FB Wall Post

The introduction of Social media has made marketing much easier than before. E-retailers are utilizing the advantages of major social media platforms to boost up their business, where Facebook is on the top list.

Prestashop FB Wall Post addon is one such way for you to increase your e-commerce conversions. The FB wall post module helps in generating automatic wall posts as well as manual wall posts based upon the seller’s convenience. One of the very advantages of this module is that it enables the merchant to make the customers aware of the new products arrival. Moreover, you can select the category and the brands that you wish to display on the wall post.

3. Social loginizer

Social Loginizer

Imagine how frustrating it would be for a user if they have to go through a lengthy registration process every time they visit a new eCommerce website. The registration process is the door to enter the store. Would you like to make your users wait or get them inside as quickly as possible? The latter would arguably the most obvious answer. This is what the social login option does. It allows users to sign in directly with their social accounts such as through Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Prestashop Social loginizer addon offers 15 log in options to visitors The Social login saves the time in filling up the lengthy registration forms. Social loginizer allows the store merchants to place the easy social login facility on various pages such as Home Page, Category Page, Product Page, Checkout page, etc. The availability of social login makes you gather your user’s data easily and you can get more insights into your customers like their age, location, gender, etc. This helps in target marketing. Social loginizer can be very effective in increasing your eCommerce conversions.

One page checkout

one page checkout


The checkout page of your eCommerce store decides whether the visitor would convert into a customer or not. It either leads to increased conversions or increased abandoned cart. A complicated checkout process is one of the major reasons for customer dissatisfaction that leads to cart abandonment. Customers find it tiring to provide their details on a number of pages. As a result, they just hit the exit button and leave your store. In order to overcome this problem, e-retailers are following the one-page checkout process that puts up all the checkout related fields on a single page.

Prestashop one page super checkout focuses on providing a better checkout experience to your customers. It offers a social login option (Facebook login, Google login and PayPal login) to your users along with a guest checkout option. As a store merchant, you can offer multiple shipping and payment methods to reduce the possibilities of cart abandonment. Apart from that, you can choose multiple layout designs of your checkout page

5. FB store

FB Store

The growing popularity of Facebook has led brands to promote their products on the largest social media platform today. With over 2.38 billion active monthly users, it has become a major platform for online businesses to market their products and earn more revenue. If you haven’t marked your brand’s presence on Facebook, you are seriously missing out on a great opportunity to gain more conversions.

Many brands have opened their Facebook stores to drive more sales. If you haven’t opened a facebook shop yet, open it today. It is a must if you are thinking to take your business to a large scale.

Prestashop FB Store module is a good approach to gain higher traffic and increase user engagement on your prestashop store. It helps you integrate your Facebook page to your Prestashop store and provides you various options to customize your Facebook shop. It increases your product visibility and makes you reach out your products in front of a wide facebook audience.


Expecting your conversion funnel to go up rapidly would be unwise. It takes the right tactics and the right approach to get more conversions. Take your time, brainstorm new ideas and come up with some amazing ways to improve your conversion rate. Above all, keep the user experience the topmost priority.

If you found these 5 Prestashop addons helpful to boost your conversions, do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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