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Don’t Leave! 4 Exit-intend Pop-up Optimization that can Curtail your Exit Rate

As an online store visitor, most of us will relate to the fact that the exit popup, while you are browsing a site, are annoying. From a prospect of an eCommerce store owner, the good news is that it actually works. The classic discussion of whether to have this functionality on your site or not, is still on, but the statistics have given a green signal for the same. Especially, the gamified exit popups have shown double the conversions as compared to the traditional ones. Listed below are some of the reasons that shows the worth of having such triggers when the visitor plans to exits.

  • Customer engagement is the key to enhance the chances of conversion. Hence, the exit popup triggers can hold the visitor back and can enable you to retarget your products. Using exit popup marketing tactics while the users are still browsing the site may be fatal. Hence, using exit popup at the end is a no-lose trick.
  • The discounts and other such offers may help the visitors in making the purchase decision.
  • The exit popup serves the purpose without breaking the natural flow of the customers. The usual behavior online visitors include the process of web search. Once they end up on the landing page, the browse the products and leave the site if they are not satisfied with the price or the product. Thus, offering a discount just as they are about exit may help them reconsider.
  • Moreover, the exit popup gives enough time to the visitors to browse the site and grab the information being offered. However, trying anything of this sort, in the beginning, may distract them.

Having discussed the various benefits that make use of exit popup inevitable, it is now time to lay some light on how to make full use of it. The blog has compiled some of the hacks that can help you optimize the exit popup for your site. Scan the points mentioned below and get the desired result.

1. Get rid of the monotony

Even though the whole idea of exit popups is to keep the visitors from leaving the site, it can still ruin the entire user experience if not targeted appropriately. The tedious and boring exit popups asking for the visitors to enter their email ids may even reduce the chances of them revisiting your site. Hence, the very first exit popup hack is to make them interesting. Prestashop spin and win module are one of the examples of a fun-filled exit popup. Instead of flashing the annoying messages on the screen, the exit popup module provides a playful interface to visitors. This exit popup is made to spin a wheel by entering their email ids. The prizes won can be used while shopping. Use of exit popup is not just an effective way to improve customer engagement, but can help enhancing the UX without annoying them. Hence, making it enjoyable is one of the ways to exit popups effective.

2. Make it appear as if the customers have hit a bargain

The messages in the exit popup need to be in line with the visitors’ activity. The visitors of the eCommerce usually look for offers and discounts. Their online searches are in general aimed at comparing the prices of the product. However, the free coupons sometimes fail to entice the visitors. It a human psychology that if a discount of 10% is offered to them by a person distributing pamplets, it may not intrigue them. While they will be happy if they bargain the same amount or win the discount through a context. The Spin and Win exit popup is one of the ways to cater this human psychology. To wrap things up, use innovative ways to give away the prizes and even a small offer will be well appreciated.

3. Keep it mobile responsive

A significant share of the eCommerce traffic comes from the mobile phones. Hence, making your website mobile responsive is not enough. Even these exit popups should be responsive enough to effectively curb this traffic into leads. Considering this aspect, no matter what type of exit popup you use, it should be mobile responsive. View your exit popup on the screen of the mobile as well as other handheld devices. The content and the CTA buttons should be placed optimally. Some of the exit popups may even ask the visitors to download your mobile applications when they try to leave the site.

4. Give visitors an option to say no

Ironically, the exit popups that allow the customers to say “no” are the ones that are less annoying for the visitors. The exit popups that cover the entire screen and provide no option to remove them are considered most annoying. Moreover, instead of the ‘X’ button, the use of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons are considered more effective. It has a psychological impact and compels the visitors to read the text. The aggressive text such as “No thanks, I don’t want to boost my sales” and other such contents at times make the user think twice. However, it may not be fruitful every time.


Before wrapping up the entire write-up, here are some of the key points that you need to consider before design a entry or even exit popup for your website.

  • User experience is the key.
  • The content of the enter or exit popup should be self-explanatory.
  • Give people a choice to exit as well.
  • Use an attractive and engaging design in the enter or exit popup.
  • Make the entire scenario fun for the visitors.
  • Don’t just give away the offer. Ensure that your customers feel as if they have won the deal.
  • Do not promise anything that you can’t keep. You need to build the trust factor with your customers.

The number of eCommerce businesses has used this strategy to reduce their exit rates and raise conversions. However, it now the time to take the marketing tactics to the next level by ditching the traditional methodologies and considering the human psychology. Work on the things that your target audience are looking for and avoid introducing the things that annoy them. Optimize your site with exit popup like the Spin & Win module and boost your conversions effortlessly.

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