5 Exit Popups that can Lure the Visitors Back to the Store

Exit Popup

The duration of the stay of a customers on a web store depends upon several factors. Some of them includes better interface, product quality, deals and discounts. The balance between these factors must be maintained, so that, the customer finds the store interesting and products worth purchasing. Since the various eCommerce stores are providing the same products and offers, it has become difficult for online vendors to keep up with the competition.

If the eCommerce store owners provides some tempting offers through creative means then the customers may re-engage them with the web store. This is when the role of an exit popup comes into play. These exit popups can be presented to the customers when they are about to leave the website and may help to get their attention back on the products offered by the eCommerce store.

Let us discuss some of the exit pop ups which can increase re-engagement to your web store again.

Urgency pop up


It is human tendency to procrastinate. The ability to make decision instantly is a rare sight. Customers too tend to delay the idea of entering email ids to avail offers. Thus, to make customer engagement more natural adding an urgency plays the part. When the customer are offered some discounts with a deadline or the time period of that offer validity, it lures them to take a look at the offer and even avail it. This urgency exit popup ultimately diverts the customer back to your store.

Spin and Win pop up


One of the best way to provide offers to the customers is by adopting creative means. The interactive design and way of presentation must grab the customer’s attention. Thus, Prestashop Spin and Win module helps the eCommerce store owners to offer an eye catching exit pop-up. This exit popup presents all the offers and discounts to the customer with fun and playful way. The Spin and Win pop up lets the customers avail different offers by spinning the when and getting offers. The exit popup even provides a decent look to the web store.

Survey pop up


What could be a better deal for the customers to get instant discounts by answering some random questions? The customers can be asked to answer some random questions and at the end provide them with the offers. The natural tendency of participating in a competition and winning something diverts their attention back to the store. Moreover, the customer will willingly take the offers, after all he claimed it fair and square. This survey exit popup keep the customer’s enthusiasm up and also prove to be an effective way in term of generating revenue and boosting conversions.

Coupons pop up


It is a very difficult job for the sellers to get the attention of their customers through conventional means. Thus, the sellers need to come up with different ideas. Giving away a free coupon code which can be applied in the next purchase boosts the customer to enter the store and redeem the offer. The coupons can be provided with a code that doesn’t require any subscription to redeem. It tends the customer to re-enter the store, use that coupon and make a purchase. The coupons exit popup prove to be a better means of redeeming offer as the customer can directly avail the offers.

Freebie pop up


The best idea to lure customers to enter the web store again is by providing them freebies. The seller can generate a freebie exit popup, which would ask the customer to make a purchase on one of the item and get a free product with it. Thus, this exit popup will enhance the customer’s engagement with the website, forcing them to enter and make a purchase on their favorite products. One of the most efficient method to improve the conversion rates.

Over to You

The customer have become smart and are always looking for better opportunities. In order to gain more customers the web store owners need to focus on better customer engagement and satisfaction. Thus, using some creative exit popups will ensure that your customers are attracted back to your web store and at the same time they do avail the offers provided by you. The idea of presenting exit popup may definitely optimize your sales to certain height.

Most of the time, if customers tend to leave the store if they don’t find compelling reasons to stay. It’s a natural human tendency to keep looking for a better options. Even a single loss in conversion directly affects the sale of the store and results in a downfall of the overall revenue. Thus, in that case it becomes a challenging problem for the sellers to lure the visitors. If proper measures and steps are taken by the seller than he may not lose the customers and get the customers re-directed back t the store.

For more Information about Prestashop Spin & Win Module visit here:-

Module Link: https://www.knowband.com/prestashop-spin-and-win

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