Enhance your sales with this popup feature of this Magento Popup Promotion Module

Due to the increasing business competition and the pressure of fulfilling customer expectations, business organizations are resorting to new mediums of advertising and promotion so as to grab the attention of their targeted customers. Popup ads are one of the similar effort in that direction that can help in the effective advertisement of your business organization and your featured products. Now, store owners can easily create popup ads for their website so as to provide information about their product to the user when they visit their particular website. Let us now explore more about this Magento popup promotion Extension about how it can revolutionize the whole process of popup advertisement with its wonderful features.

Provides an easy medium to store owners to create popup advertisement for their website

With the help of this module, store owners can easily create popup advertisement for their website. They can save multiple images with the corresponding links for creating popup advertisement for their website. Further, these popups can be designed in such a way that it can redirect the user to a particular link when they click on these ads by making changes in the Magento popup extension settings.

Compatibility with multiple stores

This Magento module is capable of working with any type of e- commerce store without any functionality issues. Its features and functionalities can be used with any type of online store without any hiccups. Store owners can easily create popup advertisement for their e- commerce store by making effective utilization of its rich features.

Can be worked with any type of computing devices

Due to the responsive design of this module, it can be easily accessed and worked on any type of computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. With the wide range functionality of this popup plugin, it is now easier to target your large customer base which is distributed across numerous devices. There is no difference in the functionality, features and user experience of this module when used upon different types of devices.

Provides customization facility to allow desired viewing of the popup ads on different pages of the website

Now, store owners enjoy the freedom to show their popup ads on various pages of their website like product pages, categories pages or on all pages of their website. It will help you control the visibility of your popup ads on the various pages of your website so as to target your selective group of people.

Offers facility of easy linking of popup ads

This extension has helped store owners to link their popup ads with any product page, category page or any other URL of your site so as to promote your desired products with this popup advertisement. With this feature, you can easily create popup ads for any type of products or services and can boost your product sales by creating necessary awareness among your targeted customers.

So, it is time to revamp your advertising efforts with the help of this Magento Popup Promotion plugin. It can help your business organization in reaching out to their targeted customers in the form of running popup ads on their site. Boost your chances of increased product sales and conversion rates by surfing our e- commerce site, www.knowband.com and by purchasing this wonderful plugin from our store.

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