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Most of the customers prefer to shop online rather than visiting the physical store. The best part about online shopping is the deal and discounts that customers can avail on their favorite products. The convenience, ease of shopping and alluring discounts has led to a tremendous increase in the number of online buyers. This has opened new opportunities for the eCommerce store owners to grow their business. Now, the main task for the store owners is to divert the customers to their web stores. In order to do so, most of the sellers have come up with different offers, combo products and discounts.

The customer doesn’t seek for offers solely. In order to attract huge traffic to your website, the store owners must come with better options to engage their customers. The traditional ideas of email subscription has become appears to be a bit boring for the customers. Therefore, the seller must come up with better alternatives to attract the customers to their web stores.

The Prestashop Spin and Win Module is one such way to increase the web traffic to your Prestashop Site. The spin and win module generates a very playful pop up. Also, the spin and win module ensures high sales as well as satisfied customers.

If your Prestashop website is facing low customer engagement or some interactive addons, then, Prestashop Spin and Win plugin is made for you. Try the spin and win module and you will see a boom in the web traffic of your website.

The following features of the spin and win will help you to determine, how this spin and win module can help in generating high sale and immediate conversions.

Increased Web Traffic

Increased Web Traffic

The customer seeks for a better experience and this spin and win module provides them with it. The spin and win module is a better alternative to the classic annoying pop ups. Spin and win presents the offers and discount to the customers in a much creative and playful way. Most of the users would love to spin the wheelio and avail offers, rather than getting discounts by some subscription email. The annoying messages popping up in the screen can annoy the visitor out of the store, however, spin and win is one of the way to keep them hooked to the site. The playful way of spinning the wheel can make shopping and browsing fun for the online shoppers. Thus, spin and win can effortlessly reduce the exit rate and enhance the website traffic.

Better UI And UX


The customer would love to be enrolled in your website, if they are provided with better interface and at the same time a good experience. The interactive exit pop up works collectively in that direction. The spin and win plugin generates a pop up, which can be used as entry, exit or time-out pop up. Thus, making it easier for the seller to interact more with the customers. The spin and win enables the buyers to check all the standing offers from the seller in an enticing way.

Email Integrator

Email Integrator

The spin and win module enables the customers to spin the roulette after entering their email ids. This spin and win module provides the seller with the customers email id, which can be used in the future for promoting other products. The store admin can customize the spin and win module as per his convenience. The visitor can spin the wheel with a single email id only once. Thus, spin and win increases the customer base of the store owner. Not just the Prestashop email integrator even integrates the ids with MailChimp and other marketing platforms. Thus, spin and win module even facilitates email marketing by increasing the number of subscribers.

Increased Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction

The Prestashop Spin and Win plugin is a better option to provide customers with deals and discounts. It presents the offers in a much creative way rather than the old ordeal manner. The customer avail the offers instantly. The responsive popup generates the coupon code automatically that can be further used for shopping. The code can even be send via email to the customers. The code is generated instantly and the customers can use the code for shopping at the same time. The spin and win module increases the website interaction with the customers.

Boost The Sales

Boost The Sale

The presence of such a creative pop up tempts the customers to spin the Wheel named spin and win module. The main idea behind the pop up is the presentation. The spin and win module is a pleasing way to give offers and discounts to the customers. Moreover, spin and win module can make even a small discount appear as if they won a bargain. The spin and win module helps in boosting the sales. The pop up can be used as an exit pop up too, therefore, in case customer is willing to leave he may be engaged with the fun experience of spinning a wheelio.


The customers like to shop smartly and with the availability of multiple choices, the seller needs to provide them with better alternatives for shopping. The best thing is that the spin and win module is easy to use and requires not technical help. A Tutorial Video about Prestashop Spin and Win Module. Thus, Knowband has come up with the spin and win module that fits with the idea for creating an effective promotion campaign on Prestashop.

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