How you should plan your Abandoned Cart Reminder Email for your online store?

You might be spending a lot of money on bringing more visitors to your store via social media advertisements or other paid marketing plans, yet not receiving potential traffic?

If that sounds like you then you need to figure out the hole in your leaky bucket.

What does that mean? Your system of driving traffic isn’t working well. Maybe you have a poor UI or you are not giving them the personalized experience that they deserve. Or, you are just not doing it right.

Did you know that 75 percent of shoppers abandon their carts in mind-numbing ways? This costs an estimated $260 billion in lost sales for online retailers every single year!

You will begin to combat this phenomenon through the implementation of an abandoned cart email strategy.

Sending an abandoned cart reminder email allows you to recover some of your previously lost sales and potentially convert more of the traffic to the website that you attract.

What is an abandoned cart email?

An abandoned cart email is a cornerstone of e-commerce. It is a follow-up email sent to someone who has added products to their cart and proceeded through a portion of the checkout and left the site without buying them.

For the 3 (out of every 4) shoppers who leave a website without completing the checkout process, an abandoned cart email is intended.

The tremendous advantage of abandoned cart reminder email? They are auto-triggered. You can set up a series that goes all on its own and gets money back that would have vanished otherwise.

Why you should send an abandoned cart reminder email?

The thing is, about 75 percent of people who leave their carts usually intend to come back, so you’re leaving serious money on the table if you don’t send abandoned cart emails to jog their minds.

Statistics reveal that most of the customer converts after receiving 3rd abandoned cart reminder email. If you are still not working on your abandoned cart recovery process then you are losing out on a lot.

What strategy you should follow?

You should send an abandoned cart email reminder to your customers who have left your website without completing the purchase. You can send the follow-up email in the sequence.

First, after a specified time delay

Second, after few hours from the time you have sent the first abandoned cart email reminder

Third, a reminder after a day

Fourth, after a few days and

Fifth, in 7 days with a catchy subject line

Now you know when to send the emails but what content will actually work is the major question to ask. Customers won’t convert with the old traditional email tactics but your email should be more personalized, engaging and it should have the capability to convert.

What type of abandoned cart reminder email you should send?

It is easy to build abandoned cart emails and go a great length to bring back reluctant customers.

We’ve addressed ways to decrease shopping cart abandonment in the past. One of the main strategies is to alert shoppers with an abandoned cart email strategy that there’s something in the cart. Always include a reminder of what they have abandoned and prepare a great copy with features highlighted.

1.     Show your product features

Since you know what product you sell you are clear with your niche. In the very first abandoned cart email, you can highlight the features of the abandoned product.

The mail should have a personalized touch. You can use the user’s name in the subject line.

Netflix always uses this tactic when following up with their customers. Also, the subject line clearly defined the purpose of their email.

type of abandoned cart emails you should send

Calling the customer with a name build loyalty and adds personalization to your abandoned cart reminder email.

When it comes to the subject line, it should be catchy and this definitely grabs the customer’s attention.

type of abandoned cart emails you should send

2.     Add social proofs, reviews, and testimonials

When sharing a second reminder email to your abandoned carters, remember to add social proofs. Reviews, testimonials work great when it comes to conversion.

It is human behavior that they trust what others say and when it comes to shopping, most of the customers spend more time on reading reviews than on the product description itself.

If you have a digital product like an App or any software then you can add the total number of downloads like ‘Abandoned Cart Module have 8000+ Downloads’

You can add average star reviews of the product with the abandoned cart email copy.

3.      Include video content and catchy graphics

Video marketing is a fancy and most engaging way of digital marketing. The third email, that you will send the other day should have a short video clip with the unpacking of the product by customers or any review video shared by your customers on your social media handle.

type of abandoned cart emails you should send

Video can be very effective if it’s done right. You can include GIFs or links to your social media handles where customers can see more such videos. It will enhance the customer experience. Use the graphic image that goes well with the product images, use the colors thoughtfully and use genuine product images while sending the reminder email for abandoned cart recovery.

4.     Discount coupon code

Most people abandoned their carts due to their prices. Since the final price is more than what they expected, clients abandon their carts.

If people think about how much they’re going to spend, the prices of each item they add to the cart usually add up. They don’t really care about taxes or delivery, and sometimes lowball the figures if they do.

And there is an easy way to recover the clients who were frightened by the final price: issue a discount.

You can also put a timer that creates the FOMO. Add some catchy lines like

  • Happy Hour Sale!
  • Grab your offer before it goes away!
  • Special Discount on Your Cart!
  • Use the Coupon Code XYZ and avail of this limited-time discount offer!

5.     Make a Bundle to up-sell

Your customer isn’t coming back even after the discount? We have another plan for you. In the 5th reminder of abandoned cart email, offer them products that can be clubbed together.

If a person is having eyeliner in their abandoned shopping cart then you can make a bundle of mascara, kajal, and eyeliner and offer them a good deal like a discount or buy-1-Get-1 offer.

I am sure this will make them visit your store again.

If the customer did not convert after these many reminders then it’s your hard luck! But, you should always try. Along with abandoned cart emails, you can also share back in stock alerts with them using the Back-in Stock module and also offer deals on the products they have put on their wishlist.

type of abandoned cart emails you should send

How Abandoned Cart Extension From KnowBand Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

The abandoned cart reminder emails can be automated by using a third-party extension. The Abandoned Cart Reminder Email Extension by KnowBand is incorporated with the automation feature. The shopping cart recovery emails will be sent to the customer automatically after a specified time delay.

All the benefits of abandoned cart reminder email can be availed by adding the Abandoned Cart Module in your eCommerce store. It has several features that you can use to bring back your lost sales.

Send Automated reminder emails with OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension

The Abandoned Cart Email extension developed for the OpenCart platform allows store merchants to send automated reminder emails by tracking the abandoned carts.

With daily email follow-ups, the store admin can now turn the abandoned cart users into clients. You can use the strategies discussed in this article to recover your sales.

The store admin can easily analyze the abandoned cart of the store visitors and give them reminders by email with the aid of the Abandoned Cart Recovery module.

The OpenCart module allows you to send discounted and non-discounted emails. Admin can set minimum cart value to auto-trigger the emails and specify delay time for the same.

It has several customizable email templates that can be used time-to-time for sending reminder emails to abandoned carters.

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module has some additional advantages

The PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module allows the store owner to send automated reminder emails after the specified time lapse. This PrestaShop module has various other features.

What is extra? The PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Recovery Module allows you to send reminders in three ways.

  1. Send discounted or non discounted reminder emails
  2. Send Push Notification for abandoned carts
  3. Display abandoned cart reminder pop-up to the visitor

In addition, it gives you the entire report of abandoned carts and provides customer behavior data that can be used for sending personalized reminder emails.

Discounted and Non-discounted emails can be sent through the module and you can choose any email template from the listed ones.

It allows you to create your own custom abandoned cart reminder email template for sending series of follow-up emails.

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Fringe Benefits of sending Abandoned Cart Reminders

The follow-up reminder for abandoned cart makes it easy for merchants to reduce cart abandonment and improve overall store conversions. More conversion means more sales! The emails with personalized content will enhance the overall customer experience.

The abandoned cart recovery module by KnowBand has several happy customers. You can check out the demo of the extension and visit the product page where customers have shared their reviews.

The module is available for all the major eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento stores.

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