5 Features that Highly Influence the Customer’s Decision in Making Purchase

Features that influence the Customer

One of the biggest aspects of eCommerce that sums up their success rate is the way they influence the customers. The entire process of taking the visitors from the landing page to the checkout page is all about user engagement. In order to be more productive with the shopping site, various other areas must be covered apart from the product quality and service assurance. The customers has now moved on from the traditional form of making a purchase to online purchases. Therefore, it becomes quite important for the eCommerce store owners to present the sites in best way and try to reach out to the customer.

In order to get better understanding of the customer’s decision of making a purchase, we can discuss some of the points that can help the stores to get better conversions.

1. Product placement

Product Placement | Better Product Arrangement

It is quite important for the web stores to know the fact that the buyers are not going to make a purchase on the products which are dig deep in the store. The chances of making a purchase on the product that is available in the 6 page of a particular product are quite low as compared to the same product that has been presented in the page 1. Thus, the placement of the product plays a very crucial role in determining the behavior of the customers and making a better sales to them. the customer wouldn’t like to spend their time in searching for the product and digging deep into the website. Moreover, refreshing the web page every time may even be time consuming. This is when the infinite scroll can help you out. There are module available for adding such functionality in the websites. For instance, Prestashop infinite scroll, Magento infinite scroll and others. Showcasing the products in the single page can make the visitors delve into the site in a better way.

2. Easy purchase options

Knowband One Page Checkout

Why bother to make a purchase from your store when the online transaction is easier on other sites? This question must be taken into consideration by the store owners when trying to provide the customers with better services. The customers always look for some kind of assistance when it comes to making a purchase as most of the stores provide the product from the same brand. In this regard, the shopping site can provide the customers with assistance when it comes to different aspects. One of the way to provide customers with easy purchase option could be by providing the one page checkout option. There are extensions available for the various eCommerce platforms such as Magento one page checkout module or Prestashop one page supercheckout. It saves the customers a lot of time and saves the extra efforts they need to put in order to complete the purchase.

3. Marketing campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Keeping the customers informed about your offerings is the best way to aid the purchase decision of the customers. Advertisement play an important role in influencing the visitor’s decision to make a purchase. The eCommerce stores must always try to keep the customers informed about the various activities going in the web store. It helps in creating an awareness among the users and also helps in attracting a better crowd to the store. To commence a successful marketing campaign the online stores must first do a research and try to figure out the various concerns of the potential buyers and then target the audience. The increasing trend of promoting the products through blogs and post is also catching attention. The eCommerce store can use this strategy to improve the product understanding among the customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

4. Better branding of the products

Better Branding

The most common customer behavior that has been observed is the pattern in choosing a product. Majority of the customers prefer to make a purchase on the product that is directly related to a bigger brand or a self-established brand. Creating a brand image of not just the site, but even of the products being catered is must. This not only entrusts the customers that they are receiving a quality product, but also ensure the trust elements in the product.

5. Solve their queries

Solve Customer Queries

The availability of a chat support system in a website highly motivates the visitors to make a purchase. As, the visitors look onto the web store than the chances may arise where the users may find some complications with the products or their understanding is not developed. In that case if the online store provides them with the required assistance than the chances of making sales are improved. In other case, the users can use this feature to get their other doubts cleared. The customers like to get a response on their queries as soon as possible. If they are provided with the immediate response than they may be influenced to make a purchase from the store else the website is more likely to lose a potential buyer which could have been a paid customer otherwise.

Over to You

The customer behavior is highly complex and to completely figure out the best ways to tackle the customer decision, one needs to dig deep. The general points which are experienced as common traits that are shown by the visitors can be worked on by the online stores. The web stores can make use of additional addons to gain better conversions from the visitors.

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