5 Ways Prestashop Spin and Win Popup Module can boost your Conversions

Spin & Win prestashop module

In the competitive eCommerce ecosystem, staying ahead of trends and in sync with the hot and happenings of the industry. Tapping the psychology of the site visitors and selling them the idea instead of the products is the best way to have an edge. The spin and win contest is one of the trends that has reaped results for a lot of players in the industry. Prestashop Spin and Win Module is one such addon that can help boost conversions.

Features of PrestaShop Spin and Win Popup Module

The Spin and Win Module is a 3-in-one PrestaShop addon that you can use as an Entry popup, Exit popup, and email subscription module.

This amazing gamified tool is very helpful in increasing customer engagement in your store. You can offer various discounts to your customers when they spin the wheel to win a reward. This Wheelio like module is made for every eCommerce store that is having customer engagement issues and a higher bounce rate.

  1. Use it as an Entry popup, Exit popup, and email subscription module
  2. Several themes for every occasion like events, festivals, holiday season, such as for Halloween, Easter, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and others, etc.spin-and-win-popup-module
  3. Gamified Popup tricks the customer’s psychology and keeps them engaged in your store.
  4. You can edit the offers displayed on the slices of the wheel.
  5. The wheel can have different numbers of slices as you want and change the cart rules.
  6.  Control the display frequency, gravity, and position, of the Prestashop Popup module.
  7. You can schedule the module and themes prior to the occasion in case you have a busy schedule.
  8. It effortlessly synchronizes the email IDs with Mailchimp, Klavio, and Sendinblue integrators.
  9. The Spin and Win Popup supports multiple languages and is compatible will all PrestaShop themes.

Wonder how can this spin and win module help increase the conversions. Check out the points about this Spin and Win Popup module mentioned below to know the reasons that make it a revenue booster.

5 Ways Prestashop Spin and Win Popup Module can boost your Conversions

Increases the website traffic

It is a proven fact that a better and attractive UI of the site can lure more customers. Even though there are many other factors that affect the purchase decision of the customers, the look and feel of the site is one aspect that can entice them to stay in the store. Any tedious or monotonous-looking site can put down the browse intention of your target audience. The playful way to give away the offers is something that intrigues the customers to visit your site again and again. Not just this, as per a psychological study, any free coupon is as good as no coupon for online shoppers. Hence, the entire scenario should be structured in such a way that the customer feels as if he/she has stricken a deal or bargain. And what can be better than making them spin the wheel to get the offers?

Better customer engagement

As mentioned above, a better UI is an effortless way to keep the visitors engaged for a longer period of time. While a coupon 10% discount is considered worthless by the shoppers in general, the fun-filled way to get the same offer will make it worthwhile. Another striking factor of the spin and win popup module is that is a better option than the exit pop-ups. Add a spin and win module to your online store and this can effortlessly cripple the exit intent of the visitors. Greater customer engagement is the key to greater conversions. So, the playful spin and win popup wheel option will ultimately aid your conversions.

Aids Email marketing and remarketing

The customers can spin the wheel of the spin and win module only after entering the email ids. Hence, the exit pop-up can even increase the database of the customer is you have. Along with this, the store owners get an additional feature in this spin and win module. The visitor can spin the wheel only with a single id. Hence, one person can’t claim multiple coupons. Moreover, the playful spin and win popup module can get the customers hooked and they even tend to enter multiple email ids. Hence, this facilitates the email marketing campaign of the store owner. The promotional emails can be sent to a greater audience and hence the chances of conversions increases ultimately.

Reduces the bounce rate due to annoying pop-ups

The pop-ups have been used for a very long time to curb the exit intention of the visitors. However, it was even accused of annoying the customers. Prestashop Exit Spin Wheel module is one to stop the visitors from exiting the site without even annoying them. The best thing about this spin and win popup module is that the store owners can even regulate the frequency of the wheel display. Thus, the alluring spin and win module reduce the bounce and exit rates. It is obvious that the more time the customers spend on the site, the more will be the chances of conversions.

Facilitates the purchase decision of the customers

The prizes won by spinning the wheel can be easily used while shopping. The coupon code is generated automatically in this spin and win popup module. The customers can copy the code and paste it in the Voucher Code area of the PrestaShop checkout page. Not just this, the customers are even notified about the coupon code through email. This can facilitate the purchase decision of the visitors and compel them to go to the checkout page.

Final say 

The best way to enhance the conversions and revenue is to keep the customers engaged for a longer duration. While the classic exit pop-ups are considered annoying, Prestashop Spin and Win Module by Knowband are some of the most attractive ways to reduce the exit rate and lure visitors to the checkout page. You can use different themes for various occasions. Voila, This module can keep you ahead of your competitors.

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