8 Proven ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Just imagine your eCommerce website is getting hundreds of visitors on the product checkout page by customers but many of them leave that page without buying anything. How would you feel? Awful. Well, this is the biggest nightmare for any eCommerce seller when customers visit the checkout page but leave the cart abandoned. According to Statista, 69.23% is the cart abandonment rate all over the world.

Being a seller, you definitely want more people to buy your products to earn a good amount of profit and for that, it’s important to reduce the cart abandon rate of your website.

So, here are the 9 techniques which help you to reduce the cart abandonment rate which will surely work:

1. Guarantee a safe and secure payment gateway:


Many customers reach the product checkout page but do not complete the purchase due to a lack of trust on the payment gateway. As digital advancement is increasing, online fraud is increasing by every day. Due to this, customers have a fear of losing their hard earned money and do not complete the purchase.

To overcome this, sellers should provide a secure payment gateway for their customers and for that they should get an SSL certificate for their website. SSL certificate will give you a tag of “Secure” beside your domain name and without any inconvenience, customers will complete the purchase.

Sellers can also take the use of security badges. These badges help sellers to acquire a level of assurance that you have been certified by a security firm which directly influences customer’s decision at the time of purchasing a product.

2. Provide a clear vision of product costs:


Customers should not be given a surprise related to costs i.e increased price at the product checkout page. According to Statista, 24% of their carts abandons their cart because of unexpected costs and 54% did so because of expensive shipping.

Sellers should be transparent about their costs that might add up to the original cost at the time of purchase. This makes customers ready to pay additional costs at the time of checkout.
Another charge is the shipping charges which is the main reason for the cart abandonment. Sellers can provide free shipping which attracts customers to go for instant purchase.

3. Take help of exit pop-ups on the website:


Exit pop-ups are the best way to engage your customers on your eCommerce website. When customers are about to leave the website, sellers can provide some good offers via exit pop-up and will bring back the customers on the website.

This gives you the last chance to convert your traffic into fruitful leads. Sellers should provide some good discounts and offers to the customers. They can also provide some extravagant offers at the entry level too with the help of spin and win pop-up.

Discounts and offers could also help you to remain an extra edge over other competitors which in result provides a good amount of sales and revenues.

4. Direct assistance via Live chat support:


Many times, customers are unable to complete their purchase due to unresolved queries at the time of purchase. Live chat helps customers to resolve their queries at the moment and compel them to go for instant purchase.

Since it is not possible to answer each and every query of all the customers physically so the better approach is to provide live chat support. Customers are more satisfied with the store providing instant support and always prefer them. By providing chat option on your eCommerce website, you allow your visitors to ask queries related with products directly from you. Instant user support paints you as a professional among the users.

5. Facilitate the option of Guest Checkout:


Many customers avoid the prolonged process of account creation because of which sellers can lose many fruitful leads.

For an eCommerce business, the most important for their account is to get a good amount of sales and profits. Many times customers leave the website since they found the registration process too long. This clearly stops you to make your current sale and however, it reduces your future sale also.

Therefore, making a sale is more important so sellers can provide the option of guest checkout.

Although the increased number of buyer accounts directly influence your sale but initially, you could offer guest checkout to attract customers towards your website. After some time, sellers can ask their customers to create their seller account.

6. Detailed product descriptions!


Product descriptions are also important as complete detail can lead to the sky-high conversion rate of your website. So it’s better to explain your product in detail to avoid exchange and returns after purchase. Giving a description of your product will increase its value to your customers, thus encouraging higher conversion rates.

7. Improve your website loading speed!


If your website takes time to load, this could affect you in loss of sales. The slow loading website frustrates the customers and he/she ultimately ends up in leaving the cart abandoned. The loading speed of the website is always the deciding factor for your professionalism and reliability. As per Statista, 73 percent of mobile users in China expect websites to load in 3 seconds or less. A single second delay could lead to decreasing the conversion rate of the website. It can potentially cost a $100,000 per day eCommerce site to lose $2.5 million in sales every year. So, you should work on the loading speed of your website, if required.

8. Keep the checkout page simple!


According to Statista, 69.23 percent of digital shopping carts and baskets were abandoned in the year 2017 and the purchase was not completed. Many times it happens due to the complicated checkout process. You can reduce your cart abandonment rate by making the check out process easier for the customer. You can apply PrestaShop one page checkout extension on your eCommerce store.


Although there are many ways through which sellers can reduce the cart abandonment rate of their website. However, if you incorporate these above-mentioned practices, then you can create this awful situation into a great one and your web store will begin to experience profitable results.

Now you can easily reduce the cart abandonment rate by adding the cart abandonment extensions offered by KnowBand. It is available for different platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, Magento 2, and OpenCart. Try these modules and for more information, contact us via email on support@knowband.com.

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