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Spin and Win - Shopify

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Shopify Spin and Win Module

Knowband reinvents the subscriber pop-up with one the most interactive exit pop-ups. Shopify Spin and Win Plugin has redefined the method of giving away discounts and offers. The enticing and responsive pop-up makes sure that there is a dramatic boost in the email list of your online store. Increase the number of signups as well as customer engagement, the conversion rate will surely shoot up.


How does it work?

The functionality Shopify responsive exit pop-up plugin is very similar to Shopify’s Wheelio. The Spin and Win module display alluring offers and discounts coupon that you would want to offer to your customers. All the visitors need to do is to enter their email ids and turn the wheel and try their luck. The coupon code so obtained can be used in making the next purchase from the store.

Features offered by Shopify Spin and Win

Can be used Exit-Intent pop-up: The attractive and engaging exit pop is an enticing way to target the site visitors that appear to be leaving the website. Not just this, the plugin can be customized to be displayed anywhere on the site. The module can detect the mouse movement and scrolling in order to display the spin wheel. The display behavior is customizable and depends upon the option selected by the store admin.

Easy customization: The look and feel of the pop-up can be customized and personalized in just a few simple step. No technical assistance is required in order to install and use the plugin. The no-code module enables online traders to enhance the user interface of their site with minimal effort and in a cost effective way.

Mobile responsive: The best thing about the module is that it can enhance the user engagement, no matter what device they are using. Right from smartphones to traditional desktops, the plugin is compatible with them all. You can now be sure that the module will work for every visitor.

Email Integrator: The interactive pop not just act as a means to engage the visitors and compel them to place the order, it can be even used an email integrator. The ids of your new subscriber are automatically added to the MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact and Klaviyo list. You can now capture the personal details of your subscriber and use them for further marketing.

Create an Alluring Marketing Campaign: In addition to the feature of email integrator, the module even helps in creating a compelling marketing campaign. The eCommerce store owners can keep the customers reminded about the offers via email notifications.

Analytic Report: Another way the module helps the merchants in making effective strategies for their store is by providing them with the analytic report of the performance of the spin wheel. Giving an insight of how many subscribers the responsive exit popup could grab and the number of visitors who were converted to lead, the plugin allows you to keep an eye on your performance of your store.

Email duplicity conversion:Shopify subscriber popup even allows you to prevent the duplicity of the email ids entered by the users. No coding is involved for the same. All you need to is to enable the ‘Email Recheck’ button from the admin interface. The visitors will be allowed to spin the wheel only once with a single id. 

Salient Points

  • The plugin is easy to install, customize and use.
  • Shopify spin and win exit popup is compatible with almost all the platforms and devices.
  • The admin gets an access to change the popup completely. Right from the discounts and offers to the look and feel of the wheel, everything can be customized in just a few button clicks.
  • The module is SSL compatible.
  • The plugin is compatible with all the themes and versions of Shopify. 

Merchant benefits:

  • The attractive gamified pop-up is one of the ways to enhance the interface of the website. The interactive email popup is very enticing for the visitors and provides compelling reasons to subscribe without making the subscription process boring. Thus, it helps you increase the bandwidth of your customer list without running any extra marketing campaign.
  • The fun and interactive interface is an effortless ways to engage the visitors. Hence, it not just helps you in customer acquisition, but also ensure retention of existing customers.
  • This is where it gets even better. With so many online sites offering almost the same discounts, you need to provide a reason to the customers to shop from your site. The coupons generated by Shopify spin and win is perceived differently from a traditional subscriber popup. The customers get a feeling as if they have hit a bargain. Thus, the chances of conversion are much higher than usual.
  • Shopify interactive subscriber pop-up takes the burden off the shoulder of the merchants. It provides an automatic interface to integrate the email id of the visitors with the MailChimp, Klaviyo, and other marketing automation platforms.
  • The analytic report allows you to keep an eye on the response you are getting from the spin wheel module. The detailed reports can help you make strategic implementations for your site.

Customers benefit:

  • The gamified spin wheel is a fun way to claim the discounts offered by the store. It keeps them engaged and makes the shopping experience fun for them.
  • The coupons are generated automatically and can be applied to the checkout page on just a button click. Moreover, this coupon is applicable on all the products available on the store.
  • The customers can be notified about the coupons through email notifications as well.
  • The highly responsive pop up is compatible with all devices and platform, hence, never alters the user experience.


Knowband, a leading name as an eCommerce development company. With years of experience in plugin development services for various eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart and others, the aim is to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Our experienced and skilled plugin development team offers Shopify development and support services. 

If there is a feature you want on your Shopify store, or if there is such plugin that you are looking for, you can always contact us for your custom plugin development requirements.

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