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Shopify FB Superfan

The seemingly easy task of making the store visitors follow your Facebook page is actually arduous. The pop-ups asking for subscription might be annoying. With the rapidly increasing popularity of social media, ignoring this factor may definitely cost you some conversions. With so many companies promoting their business on the social media platform, grabbing the attention of the target audience and getting them to hit the like button is quite a task.

Knowband promises to ease out your problems. Shopify FB fan plugin motivates the store visitors to like the Facebook page of your store by incentivizing them. The customers are self-motivated to like the page for discounts. This accelerates your followers. Not just this, the coupons offered motivate the visitors to add products in their shopping cart and navigate to the payment gateway.

Thus, it is an effortless way to convert the casual visitors of your store into your Facebook and ultimately into paying customers.



Effortless configuration: On installing the plugin in the admin panel of the store will create a ‘Like’ block in the front end of the website. The handy Shopify app can be easily synchronized with the Facebook page of your web store. All you need to do is to add the add the Facebook App ID and the URL of the page in the admin panel.

Automated approach: As the store visitor hits the Like button on the website, a follower will be added to your Facebook page. In return, the visitors will be offered alluring discounts and giveaways. The coupon code will be generated automatically. The same will show up on the front and they can use it in the next purchase.

Look and Feel Customization: The appearance of the Like block as well as the button can be changed by making few changes in the admin panel of the plugin. The layout of the block can be selected in accordance with the theme of the website. At the same time, the admin gets an option to change the size of the ‘Like’ button as well. Along with this, the plugin provides an option to change the look and feel of the button by adding custom add at the back end as well.

Option to change the coupon type: The store admin gets an option to change the type of the voucher being generated. It can be an absolute value or in percentage. The merchants can choose the one that suits his business requirement.

Discount amount: Along with the type, the store admin has full access to change the amount of discount being offered in return of the likes. The same amount, as fixed by the merchant will be shown on the front-end of the website. 

Minimum cart amount: The admin can fix the cart value below which the coupon code cannot be applied. This may compel the customers to increase their cart value in order to avail the offer. 

Offer validity duration: The merchants can inculcate a sense of urgency in the mind of the customers by fixing the validity duration of the coupon code. This duration will be shown on the website in order to keep the customers reminded about it. 


Merchant benefits:

  • While the pop-ups asking the store visitors to like the FB page can be annoying, the Shopify Facebook fan plugin is an effortless way to motivate them to like your page. The giveaways in return for the likes act as a motivator and ensure more hits without irritating the customer.
  • The discounts offered by the merchants can provide two benefits. First of all, it increases the fanbase of your FB page and at the same time, it helps them redirect to the checkout page.
  • The module not just helps to boost the conversion, it is even beneficial when it comes to social media marketing. The data of your FB followers can be further used to enhance the visibility of your site and product on the social media platform.
  • The Like and get discount plugins increases the user engagement on Facebook. At the same time, the enticing offers ensure customer loyalty and compel them to return back to the web store.


Customers benefit:

  • By following the Facebook page of their favorite store, the customers can stay informed about its activities and offerings without actually visiting the website. They can get the information even while scribbling their FB profile.
  • Shopify fan page plugin makes online shopping fun for the customers. The enticing giveaways in return of the likes can help them in their purchase intention.


Knowband, a leading name as an eCommerce development company. With years of experience in plugin development services for various eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart and others, the aim is to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Our experienced and skilled plugin development team offers Shopify development and support services. 

If there is a feature you want on your Shopify store, or if there is such plugin that you are looking for, you can always contact us for your custom plugin development requirements.

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