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Age Verification - Shopify

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Shopify Age Verification

With millions of internet user, finding and staying focused on the target audience is difficult. Moreover, since everyone has an access to the internet, keeping a particular target away from your eCommerce site is even more difficult. Knowband helps you solve this permanent problem with minimum pondering. Does the demographic of your website visitors matter? For all the Shopify eCommerce store owners, we offer an efficient and intuitive way to add age restriction on your website. Shopify Age Verification plugin is an effective tool to keep out those internet-users are not old enough to view your contents.

As the rise of digital technology has done wonders for the eCommerce businesses looking to expand their reach, it simultaneously poses a problem in driving quality traffic to your site. Age verification plugin can help you solve this problem.

Benefits for Admin

  • Admin can set the minimum age bar for the visitors to view the content of the store with changing the UI of the site.
  • You need not hire any technical person in order to install and configure the plugin.
  • The buttons, messages and the interface of the pop-up are fully customizable. The admin can make changes as per their need.
  • The option to apply custom CSS and custom JS from the back end of the module allows you to give it a personal touch.
  • The admin can set the terms and conditions for the visitors to browse the site.
  • The plugin is compatible with most of the devices. So, you can add the restriction regardless of where your target audience is and what device they are using.


  • The age verification popup shows up every time a visitor enters the site. The person will be allowed to browse the store only if he verifies his age.
  • The store admin gets full access to the admin interface. The admin panel is fully customizable. The changes and modifications require no technical knowledge or assistance.
  • The entry popup can be configured without making any changes in the code.
  • The store admin can either show or hide the Date of Birth popup.
  • The messages, as well as the images shown on the popup, can be changed as per the need and requirement in just a few button clicks.
  • The terms and conditions of the age restriction can be decided and displayed as per the wish of the store owners. The admin interface offers few default conditions. You can select the one that suits your requirement. The age verification module even offers an option to formulate your own terms and conditions.
  • The age verification popup makes sure that the look and feel of the website are not hampered. The color picker tools allow you to change the text and buttons color effortlessly.
  • The admin even gets an option to add custom CSS and JS code for further customization and personalization of the module. In addition, the background color, as well as the opacity, can be changed easily.
  • Shopify age verification plugin is SSL compatible and supports multiple devices.
  • Not just this, it is compatible with almost all the themes of the Shopify store.


Knowband, a leading name as an eCommerce development company. With years of experience in plugin development services for various eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart and others, the aim is to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Our experienced and skilled plugin development team offers Shopify development and support services. 

If there is a feature you want on your Shopify store, or if there is such plugin that you are looking for, you can always contact us for your custom plugin development requirements.

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