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Infinite Scroll - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v8.x.x
Latest Version: v2.0.1 (11-Aug-2023)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Enhance Customer Experience

Display Loader while next set of Products load

With PrestaShop Fast Scroll Addon, you can display a loader while the next set of Products get loaded. You can disable the functionality if you do not wish to display the loader.

Display Go to Top Button

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll plugin lets you display a “Go to Top” button on your website, clicking on which a user will be taken to the top of the page within no time. This saves a user’s time which otherwise would have been wasted on scrolling continuously to reach to the top.

Choose the Scroll type

You can either choose Infinite scrolling to load the next set of elements or display a “Load More” option at the end of a page.

Admin Interface

Specify when the Load more button should appear

The load more button can be set to be displayed after a user visits a certain number of pages. For example, if the load more link is set at 2, then it will be displayed to the user once he or she has visited at least 2 pages. Prior to that will be automatic scrolling.

Customize the Message box

Choose custom colors for your message box and design it as per your requirements. You can choose a custom background color of the message box, text color of the message box, border color of the message box and also set the background color of the Go to top button. There is also the option of selecting the layout type which lets you display products either in List view or Grid view, but this feature is available only in PrestaShop version 1.6.

Make Additional Changes through Custom CSS and Custom JS

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module lets you make any further changes in the Infinite Scroll module by providing store admins with the option of Custom CSS and Custom JS.

Advanced Settings

Sandbox settings

PrestaShop Infinite Scrolling offers sandbox feature that allows store admins to test the module before enabling it live on their store. You just need to enter the IP address for which you want this module to work, specifically.

Selector Settings

We bind infinite scroll to themes’ HTML elements. These HTML elements vary with different themes. So, we provided a selector option in which we provide prefilled elements according to default theme. If the infinite scroll is not working on your theme then there are 95% chances that the selectors are incorrect so you need to change the same from the selector settings.

Choice of reminder templates

Prestashop Email Follow up addon provides flexibility to choose from ready made discount and non-discount templates. You can modify the subject and content as per business requirements.

Major Benefits of PrestaShop Infinite Scroll

Best Fit for Mobile Users

With mobile users enjoying the seamless infinite scroll experience on sites like Facebook and Instagram, PrestaShop Endless Scroll module lets your visitors enjoy a similar kind of experience on your website. It makes scrolling fun.

Increase User Engagement

The interactive infinite scroll creates an attractive layout for your product listing, which in turn results in higher user engagement.

Boost Average Site Time

With the increase in user engagement, your average site time is automatically increased. Users spend more time browsing through your website content

Reduces Bounce Rate

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module reduces your bounce rate by a significant margin by making users stay for a longer duration on your website, hence improving your website’s performance.

Avoids multiple clicks

Sometimes, it becomes daunting for the user to click on the next page button again and again to head towards the next page. PrestaShop Infinite Scroll loads the entire content at one place and hence avoids the need to click multiple times.

Improves User Experience

Since PrestaShop Infinite Scroll provides better exposure of your website content to your visitors, it tends to enhance the user experience to a great extent.


1. What is infinite scrolling?

Infinite Scrolling is a web design technique where the data loads as the user scroll the web page. With Infinite Scrolling, the whole data or products can be displayed on a single page without going to the next page so that the users enjoy a frictionless browsing experience. Infinite scrolling is helpful to improve the user experience on mobile devices. The PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module allows the store admin to implement endless scrolling on the category pages without having any coding skills.


2. What are the benefits of using the PrestaShop infinite scroll module?

With Knowband’s Prestashop Infinite Scroll addon, you can offer your customers a frictionless browsing experience and let them check and view all the products and data on a single page rather than loading multiple pages. It not only enhance the user experience but also increases the session duration, chances of the conversion, and reduces the bounce rate of the website.


3. How do I implement infinite scrolling on my website?

As PrestaShop doesn’t have the infinite scrolling functionality by default, you can replace the pagination method with infinite scrolling with Knowband’s Prestashop Endless Scrolling addon. The module replaces the old and conventional pagination system with interactive Infinite Scrolling. You can buy the module from the Knowband store and enable it from the back office to implement the Infinite Scrolling functionality on your website.

Please check the user manual for more details:


4. Which would be the best option for my website: Infinite Scrolling, Pagination, or adding a Load More button on the pages?

It totally depends on your website design, your catalog, and your products. With this Prestashop Fast Scroll addon, you can enable all 3 options on your website. From the Advanced Settings tab, you can choose the Scroll Type and select the Infinite Scroll or Load More button. If you want to enable the pagination system, then you can disable the addon.


5. Can I make Customizations to the look and feel of the Addon?

With the Prestashop Quick Scroll addon, you can customize the background color of the message displayed at the bottom of the page, text color, border color of the message box, and background color of the Top link button. You can also make advanced customizations through Custom CSS and JS right from the General Settings in the admin interface.

Please refer to the section "Display Settings of Prestashop infinite scroll module" in the user manual. 

6. Do I need to have advanced coding knowledge to integrate this addon into my website?

You don’t need to have any advanced coding knowledge to install and configure the addon. You can easily install it and customize the back office settings. If you face any issues while installing Prestashop Infinite Scrolling addon, you can contact our tech support team after buying the addon.

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