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Marketplace Integrations:

Blocker - Block Bot/User by IP country or User Agent - Prestashop Addons

Blocker - Block Bot/User by IP country or User Agent - Prestashop Addons
  • Prestashop block user/bot by IP, country or user agent module helps to ban the unwanted traffic from spam bots and users.
  • The Prestashop admin can customize the message that will show on the front-end to the banned users.
  • The Prestashop owner also gets an option to hide or show the header or footer of the website to the banned users.
  • The Prestashop store owner can provide an option to get request regarding removing the ban. It can be operated from the backend of Prestashop store.
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Compatibility:Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version:v1.0.5 (15-Jul-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 50+
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Prestashop Blocker - Block Bot/User by IP, country or User Agent Extension

The digital transformation has revolutionized the world of internet as well as eCommerce. The automated internet programs, or bots, are one of the aspects of this technological advancement. While some of the bots are designed for the good purposes most of them are evil and may harm your website. The unwanted website traffic such as robots, spiders, crawlers and shopping bots may skip the attention of the store owners at time, but it may cost them in the course of time. Since Prestashop doesn't offer a default means to block the user/bot default, getting rid of this prominent issue is quite a task for the online store owners.

Knowband offers an easy means to block or ban the access to your website for a particular user or bot. Prestashop Block Bot/User by IP, country or User Agent is an effortless means to keep the malicious bots away from your site. This can be done by banishing the IP address, country or the user-agent from the online store. 

How does the module work?

The Prestashop addon offers a number of ways to block the malicious contents from entering your website. They are mentioned below:

Block by IP: With the help of Prestashop spam blocker, the Prestashop store admin can enter the IP address that he suspects to be sending bots. He can enter the complete IP address or he can use * in order to block all the IPs lying in that range. It may be in the form, or 223.190.77.*, depending on the requirement. The banishment can be enabled or disabled from the admin panel.

Block by Country: In case, your online Prestashop store is not offering services to specific countries. You can block the users from these countries from the backend of the admin panel with the help of Prestashop spam blocker addon. All the admin needs to do is to enter the name of the country in the ‘Block by Country’ tab. Once the name is entered, the admin needs to enable this functionality.

Block by User Agent: Presatshop block bot/user by user agent has the functionality which allows admin to enter the name of the user-agent that he wants to block from the back-end in a single step. The various user agents include Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, msnbot, twengabot, Facebook and others. The e-merchant can block the access of the site for a particular user agent.  


Salient Features:

  • The feature can enabled and disable at a button click.        
  • This Prestashop addon allows the admin to block the user/bot of a specific IP address, country code as well as user agent.
  • The Prestashop store owner can block the entire country or the whole range of IP address from the admin panel.
  • The banishment can be easily created or deleted as per the need of the website.
  • The blocked users will be shown a white page with the message ‘You are not allowed to access the page’. The admin even show the header and footer to the blocked users if he wants to.
  • The error message that is to be flashed on the white screen to the blocked users can be customized as per the need of the store admin.
  • The banned visitors are provided with an option to send a request to unblock them. The request can be send from the front-end of the website which can be later viewed by the store admin from the back-end.
  • The module is multi-store compatible. At the same time, it works flawlessly on the latest version of Prestashop.


Merchant benefits:

  • This Prestashop module offers an easy way to keep your website safe from spammers and irrelevant users.
  • You can now drive quality traffic to your eCommerce store by blocking the spam visitors.
  • Protect your Prestashop store from harmful and malicious attacks by blocking the suspicious activities.
  • The varied blocking options makes sure that the genuine customers are not banned from the site.
  • Any customer can request to provide him the access to the website. The admin can view request and provide them the access accordingly.


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