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Compatibility: Opencart v3.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0
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Opencart Search Auto Suggest Extension

Auto-suggest is a functionality that simplifies the online user experience, enhancing their shopping journey. For online store owners, providing customers with improved product recommendations can lead to increased website sales. Often, online users have limited time and patience; if they cannot quickly find the product they seek, they are likely to abandon their purchase.

Knowband offers the Opencart Search Auto Suggest plugin, which enables online merchants to effortlessly incorporate autocomplete search functionality into their stores. Furthermore, the module presents multiple search suggestions to users as they type into the search bar, streamlining the product search process and ultimately boosting order numbers by offering superior search recommendations.

Benefits for Merchants offered by Opencart search suggest Module:

  • The Opencart autocomplete plugin lets store owners display product and category headings, easily matching them with their store's theme.
  • Online merchants can display product prices and thumbnail images within the product suggestions for online users.
  • The online merchant can manage the number of suggestions through the admin interface of this Opencart quick search plugin.
  • The store admin can choose to enable searching in both products and categories or limit it to just one
  • The store admin can opt to conceal out-of-stock products if desired with the Opencart search Auto Suggest module.
  • The Opencart addon enables text search across product names, descriptions, SKU, Tags, UPC, and EAN.
  • With the help of OpenCart custom search engine extension the store admin can apply appearance settings and also display popular and recent searches to online users.

Features offered by Knowband's Opencart search auto-complete plugin:

  • Using this Opencart search autocomplete extension, online merchants can provide search suggestions to online users. Furthermore, the Opencart store admin can display product prices, set suggestion limits, and specify the minimum letters required to initiate a search.
  • Using the admin interface of the Opencart auto-correct search module, online merchants can display product and category headings and customize their appearance. Moreover, they can define the look and feel of the search suggestions at their convenience.
  • The admin has control over the functionality of displaying search suggestions from both categories and products right from the admin panel of the Opencart advanced search plugin.
  • The fast AJAX search feature provides rapid search results to online users which allows them to search for their desired product even with a weak internet connection. 
  • There is an option to set the look and feel of search suggestions. Apart from this, the admin can also show popular and recent searches to online consumers.
  • The online merchant can show all the products, in-stock products only, and out-of-stock products and select the quantity range.  

Customer Benefits Provided by OpenCart Search Auto Complete Plugin:

  • The online visitors can effortlessly find the product they need without any inconvenience. All they need to do is to just enter a few alphabets of their desired product or categories. 
  • The Opencart Google Custom Search extension allows users to see search suggestions, including price details and thumbnail images. 
  • The Opencart search suggestion extension auto-completes sentences automatically.
  • The Opencart Search Suggester features a mobile-responsive layout, allowing online users to view search suggestions on their mobile devices.
  • The online users can view the recently searched and popular searches. 
  • The online users can select products or categories from the admin interface.

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