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Opencart Modules

Opencart is undoubtedly one of the immensely prevailing Open Source eCommerce Platform across the globe. eCommerce marketers are very excited to be a part of the Opencart family when it comes to the functionalities that the platform serves to its customers. We, at Knowband, consistently work towards adding more features to your online business so that you can provide better customer experience and work efficiently to reach your goals. Whether you have an existing Opencart store or looking forward jump on the bandwagon, Knowband will be happy to help you with Opencart extensions that help you run a store that is fast, secure and user-friendly.

Followed below are some of the most popular Opencart extensions that maximize the worth your Opencart store and take the revenues to the next level.

Opencart Mobile App Builder

In an era where technology plays an important part, you should certainly be focusing on providing a simplified and smooth shopping experience to your customers. Hence, gone are the days when only websites worked, it is the time when connecting to the customers through a mobile app is mandatory. The Opencart Mobile App Builder module lets you make the shopping experience for customers hassle-free. The extension lets the admin create a mobile-responsive application for both Android and iOS from the back-end without any technical knowledge. Some of the benefits of installing this module in your store include - 24*7 live chat options, push notifications, multiple payment methods, shipping methods and more. This is definitely a great breakthrough for your eCommerce business.

Opencart Spin and Win

Looking forward to acquiring email addresses and increase the subscriber’s list? There is a sure-shot way of doing so without pushing the visitors to hit the subscribe button with the help of the Opencart Spin and Win extension. With a roulette-type wheel displayed on the front-end which the admin can customize to change the look and feel and compel the visitors to spin it. The moment the visitor clicks the spin wheel with the cursor, the gamified wheel spins and stops at a random option. Once the coupon code appears, a box is displayed that requests for an email address on which the code can be sent. The admin can set the discounts or gifts mentioned on each of the wheel slices. So, the next time your customers want to exit the website, give them a reason to stay and win.

Opencart Landing Page Creator

The layout design of the website counts in a lot when it comes to impressing the visitors to linger on the website and finally decide to convert. With the help of the Opencart Landing Page Creator by Knowband, you can create and design beautiful landing pages that are attention-grabbing and have the potential to engage the customers on the website for a long duration. This module helps you promote your products and categories among the customers as well as the visitors coming in for the first time. The admin can freely add text, images and HTML content with a few clicks and it’ll all show up on the front-end. 

Opencart Etsy Marketplace integrator

The Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator is a unique module that lets you connect or integrate your Opencart store on the Etsy marketplace without any hassle. As a result, you will be able to list out your products on Etsy and be able to sell them, manage the listings, update the products, remove them, update inventory and track your orders from the back-end itself. Knowband incorporates a number of features in the Opencart extension that allows the admin to generate increased revenues by opening your store to an enhanced number of potential customers. It is a one-stop solution for your integration on the marketplace.

Opencart Google Shopping

Did you know that customers these days compare the prices and the features of the products that they are looking for on different websites? Google shopping plays an important part when a customer feeds in the product in the search bar. In order to grab the customer’s/visitor’s attention, the admin can create an engaging product feed which can be used on Google Shopping platform. This being one of the many features, there are others too. With this Opencart extension, you can map your products on Google shopping and also create shopping ads on Google’s SERP. That’s one of the easiest ways to put across your products to millions and billions of users all over the world.

Opencart One Page Checkout

Every eCommerce marketer aims to increase the sales and in order to do that, they incorporate every module that provides a short, delightful and seamless shopping experience. The Opencart One Page Checkout extension by Knowband lets you do just this. The module omits all the unnecessary steps from the checkout process and doesn’t give the time to the customer to change their mind while making the payment for the products in the cart. Aiming at reducing the bounce rate of your website and increasing the revenue, the One Page Checkout is a must-have for all the Opencart store owners. Some of the benefits of installing this module in your store include - social media login options, multiple shipping methods & multiple payment options, numerous design layout options available and many more.

Opencart Search More

You might call it a trend, the visitors cut down the manual search of the product they are looking for through the filters by just entering the name in the search box and landing on the desired product page. This makes the search box an essential aspect of your website. The Opencart Search More extension is designed in a way that the customers can locate what they are looking for within seconds of typing the name of the product. The easy-to-customize module has numerous features including super fast search results while the visitors/customers start typing the name, product suggestions are also shown with the products displayed and more.

Opencart Exit popup

Not all the visitors coming to your store will stay and buy something. The number of visitors coming, about 90% of them will abandon from the midway and of that 90%, about 68% will go never to come back. That’s scary for sure. Enter Opencart Exit Popup by Knowband. The Opencart extension lets the admin display a popup on the front-end the moment the customer intends to leave the website. The extension is a great way to acquire email addresses which the admin can sync with MailChimp account automatically.

Opencart Filter pro

The Opencart Filter Pro by Knowband is a smart way to simplify the search process for the customers looking for a product. The admin can easily create the filter options like Price, Discount, Colors, Size, Ratings and more. It also has the Ajax-based navigation that speeds up the search and Knowband also provide future updates as well as support for this module.

Opencart Newsletter Integrator

Now you can increase your mailing list with the help of the Opencart Newsletter Integration. The module lets you add the customers to the email list of MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact. It is an extremely easy and smart module that increases the number of subscribers to your website and is also compatible with all the themes.

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