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Social Messenger - Opencart Extensions

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Compatibility: Opencart 2.0.x - 3.0.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (20-Mar-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10+
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Opencart Social Messenger Extension

Live chat support is one of the best ways of offering support service on the eCommerce store. Admin can directly communicate with the customers and resolve their issues in the meantime using this functionality. The Opencart store admin can now implement messenger live chat support functionality without any lengthy procedure or code changes.

Knowband offers OpenCart social messenger module by which the store owner can integrate facebook messenger and provide live chat support option to the customers. The online merchant can integrate facebook messenger by entering facebook app id and page id from the admin interface. This way, the admin can show messenger chat option on the selective website pages and offer live chat support.

This Facebook messenger for OpenCart is multi-lingual compatible and offers an easy method of showing Facebook messenger. Admin can implement Facebook messenger OpenCart module and show messenger on any page of the website. No code changes are required while using OpenCart Facebook Chat messenger module. This way, Facebook messenger extension makes the live chat support easy and hassle-free for the customers.

Features of OpenCart Social Messenger Module:

  • The OpenCart social messenger extension implements the functionality of showing Facebook messenger on the website pages. Customers can chat by logging in to their messenger.
  • The store admin doesn’t need to change any codes for offering live chat support. Facebook messenger integration is highly customizable and offers smooth functioning.
  • The store owner can enter facebook app id and facebook page id for incorporating the Facebook messenger on the store.
  • The e-merchant can change the default color of the facebook messenger. The OpenCart Facebook messenger and live chat plugin provides a color-picker tool for color selection.
  • The OpenCart Facebook messenger and live chat plugin provides an option to display the messenger chat option on selected pages. Admin can select multiple pages for showing this chat functionality.
  • The e-merchant can show a greeting message to logged in and logged-out customers. The e-merchant can set different messages for logged in and logged out customers.
  • The Facebook messenger and live chat plugin allow the store admin to set the greeting message delay time from the admin interface. Store admin can set this time as 0 seconds if he wants to show the greeting message without any delay.
  • OpenCart Messenger chat bot module is SSL compatible.
  • This Messenger live chat for OpenCart has a user-friendly interface.
  • Live chat plugin for OpenCart is mobile responsive. The customers can also chat using their mobile device.
  • OpenCart live chat support extension is multi-lingual compatible.

Merchant Benefits of OpenCart messenger chat module:

  • The store owner can offer live chat support on the website without any hassle or lengthy process.
  • Admin can offer instant assistance and boost online sales conversions. Admin can resolve user’s confusion and concerns online.
  • The direct conversation between store admin and customers create a relationship.  
  • By offering live chat support to the customers, admin can increase the customer's trust over the website.
  • By offering this kind of chat functionality, admin can create an impact on the customer’s mindset.
  • Admin can interact with the customers using the messenger live chat.
  • Admin can increase customer engagement.
  • This OpenCart messenger chat module will help you provide better live chat support to your customers.

Customers Benefits of OpenCart Chat Support Module:

  • The customers can get support in the meantime.
  • They can instantly ask their queries and concerns without any hassle.
  • Messenger is one of the most familiar applications for customers. They can easily chat using messenger. 
  • The customers do not need to search for the support option. They can view the highlighted messenger chat option on the website pages. 
  • The customers can ask any query without any hesitation. 
  • Customers can chat using their mobile or tablet as the OpenCart live chat support extension is mobile responsive.


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