OpenCart Social Messenger Extension – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

OpenCart Social Messenger Extension by KnowBand offers support service on the eCommerce store. Admin can offer live chat feature to the customers in order to directly communicate with them and resolve their issues by this functionality. Admin has to integrate Facebook App ID and Facebook Page ID on the store so that customers can directly log in to their Facebook profile and resolve their queries.

Live chat is the most important feature and one of the best ways in offering full support to customers. Many a times, customers leave the cart abandoned as they had any query related to the product. Social messenger resolves customer queries immediately so that they can go for instant purchase without any inconvenience.

This OpenCart messenger chat module for OpenCart store is highly customizable and offers smooth as well as flawless working. The admin can incorporate this functionality in the front-end with the help of Facebook page id and app id. Moreover, he can easily manage the messenger from the back-end of the OpenCart social messenger plugin. The admin can provide online customer support without even changing a single line of the base code of their site. The Messenger live chat module allows the admin to set the look and feel of the social messenger icon.

1.1 Striking Features of Social Messenger Extension for OpenCart

  1. The OpenCart social messenger extension executes the functionality of showing Facebook messenger on the website pages. Customers can chat by logging in to their messenger.
  2. With the help of OpenCart Social Messenger plugin,store admin can offer live chat support without changing any codes.The OpenCart live chat support module is highly customisable and offers smooth functioning.
  3. The store owner can enter Facebook app id and Facebook page id for incorporating the Facebook messenger on the store.
  4. The e-merchant can change the default color of the Facebook messenger. The OpenCart Facebook messenger and live chat plugin provides a color-picker tool for color selection.
  5. Admin has the authority to display the messenger chat option on selected pages. Admin can select multiple pages for showing this chat functionality.
  6. The e-merchant can set different greeting messages for logged in and logged out customers.
  7. The OpenCart Facebook messenger and live chat plugin allows the store admin to set the greeting message delay time from the admin interface.
  8. The OpenCart Messenger chat bot module allows store admin to set the time as 0 seconds if he/she wants to show the greeting message without any delay.
  9. OpenCart Messenger chat bot module is SSL compatible and provides user friendly interface.

1.2 Technology for Development

Language: PHP
Frame Work: OpenCart

2.0 Installation Guide

To install this OpenCart Social Messenger Module, please follow the following steps:

Purchase the OpenCart Social Messenger Extension from the Knowband store. You’ll get following files:

  • Zipped File containing the source code of the OpenCart Social Messenger module.
  • User Manual of OpenCart Social Messenger plugin.

Follow the steps below in order to install the OpenCart Social Messenger Extension in OpenCart store:

  • Unzip the zipped. You’ll get the folders as shown in the image below:

Opencart Auto Switch Language & Currency

  • Copy all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.
  • The OpenCart Social Messenger module is now installed and is ready to use. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions as shown in the image below:


  • Select Social Messenger from the list of the modules and click on the Edit button as shown in the image below:

3.0 Admin Interface of OpenCart Social Messenger Extension

OpenCart Social Messenger extension offers easy customisation option to the store admin. The various configuration options are discussed in detail below:

3.1 Edit Social Messenger Tab:

Following are the settings listed under this tab:


  1. Status: Select ‘Enable’ from the drop down list to qualify Social messenger extension on the front-end of the website.
  2. Background color: Choose the background color from the drop down list.
  3. Facebook app ID: Enter the Facebook App ID.
  4. Facebook Page ID: Enter the Facebook Page ID.
  5. Logged in greeting message: Enter the logged in greeting message in English language.
  6. Logged in greeting message: Enter the logged in greeting message in French language.
  7. Logged out greeting message: Enter the logged out greeting message in English language.
  8. Logged out greeting message: Enter the logged out greeting message in French language.
  9. Set greeting message delay: Set greetings message display.
  10. Pages to Display: Select the pages from the drop down list you want to display.

4.0 Front End of the OpenCart Social Messenger Module

The customers can view the live chat option on the store’s front-end as shown below:

  1. Product Page:


   2. Log in Window:


  1. Click Here for Module Link.
  2. Click Here for Admin Demo link.
  3. Click Here for Front Demo link.

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