Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions

Every eCommerce marketer wills to increase their sales and revenues by expanding their business step by step. One of the biggest leaps in an online business is integrating the store with a marketplace. A marketplace is a hub where both sellers and the store owners are benefited. Sellers register themselves in the marketplace, upload their products and start selling generating revenues for the business. Moreover, they do not have to do a lot of hard work because they already get a setup store. You too can integrate your store on biggies like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and more to increase your customer base and sales at once.

Knowband offers Magento 2 Extensions that help you integrate your business on the marketplaces effortlessly to boost your revenues.

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

The Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace extension by Knowband transforms your online store into a marketplace within no time. For example, Amazon or eBay where the sellers can register their stores and start selling. You would have absolute control over the happenings of the marketplace and the sellers would get a clean interface to sell their products. From monitoring and managing the seller accounts, the store owner can easily manage commissions for vendors, seller transactions, modes of payment, shipping method, and more. There are numerous benefits for the sellers as well. The customers can leave reviews and ratings for the sellers after the purchase and the module allows them to have a safe and seamless shopping experience in the marketplace. The Magento Marketplace extension is the most comprehensive solution of its kind.

Magento 2 Etsy Marketplace Integration

If you are looking forward to taking your online store a level up by integrating it with the Etsy marketplace, the Magento 2 Etsy Marketplace Integration extension is the sure shot way to grab the opportunity. The Magento 2 extension allows you to easily integrate your eCommerce store to the marketplace with a few clicks from the back-end and customize your account on the same. The admin can upload the products on the biggie at once as well as keep a track of all the rest of the account activities. For example, selling the goods, keeping a track of the orders, returns, customers, and more. With a smooth and clutter-free interface, the whole handling and tracking can be done easily.

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

If you have been looking for options to take your eCommerce business to greater heights, you would have definitely thought about selling your products on Walmart. Walmart is among the world’s top 5 marketplaces where every eCommerce marketer wants to sell. The integration provides you an opportunity to spread the brand and product awareness to a huge customer base without actually going through the pain. The Magento 2 Walmart Integration extension by Knowband is the perfect companion for your online store that works seamlessly on the multi-storefront, has a smooth interface, provides you multiple shipping and payment methods, automatic synchronization of the products on the marketplace and much more.

So, why not take your business to greater heights by integrating them with the marketplaces and generate more revenue. Contact Knowband now.

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Marketplace Integrations:

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