Magento 2 Promotional Extensions

Can an eCommerce store work without having discounts and promotions on their Magento 2 store? Would you expect your customers to buy everything as it is from your online stores without having the benefit of any kind? Well, no eCommerce store would be even there if discounts on the website. Discounts are considered to be a major driver behind increased sales, revenue and definitely customer loyalty. Promotions are a source that lets the customers know about the discounts running on the website.

Knowband features an array of discounts and promotions for the Magento 2 that work in taking your eCommerce to a whole new level by boosting the buying instincts of the customers in the right way. 

Mentioned below are the successful Magento 2 modules that would boost the customer’s buying instincts effortlessly. 

Magento 2 Spin and Win

You can build your customer’s motivation by engaging them on the website without trying too hard. The Magento 2 Spin and Win extension for the Magento 2 store is designed in a way to keep the customers glued to the store and its products. The spin and win module allow the admin to design the spin wheel the way he wants to. He can decide the wheel slices’ color, discount percentage and a lot more. The customers in order to get the discount coupon has to spin wheel and type in the email address in the box. Later, the admin can use the email address to receive the coupon code and later you would have increased subscribers’ list.

Magento 2 Exit Popup

Do you know why customers leave the website? Every eCommerce store owner has a different reason when it comes to telling why customers exit from the website without even converting. No matter what, exit rate of a website definitely affects your website’s reputation in the wrong way. Now you can actually work towards lowering your exit rate by installing the Magento Exit Popup extension by Knowband. It is one of the most trusted Magento 2 modules that provide the admin an opportunity to display a popup as the customer or visitor intends to exit from the store. The admin can control the text, color, and the font of the popup module. The Magneto 2 extension serves as the second option for the customers to convert to the website.

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart

It is sad to see the customers leave the website and abandon their carts. But this happens with every eCommerce store who is incapable of understanding the need of the customers. The Magento 2 extensions are designed to keep the customers engaged in the store and possibly convert as well. The Magento 2 Abandoned Cart module by Knowband lets the admin keep a track of the customers who’ve abandoned the cart and which step. The admin can work towards retaining the customer by sending coupon codes and discounts via emails to ask them to come back and complete the buying of the product that is already in the cart. With this Magento 2 module, the admin can design the email template, track the number of abandoned carts as well as completed ones and a lot more.

Magneto 2 Scratch Coupon

Do you wish to make your website more interactive? Do you want your customers to spend more time on the store? The Magento 2 Scratch Coupon extension allows the customers to scratch the coupon displayed on the front-end which they can scratch with the help of the cursor and win attractive discounts. The admin lets the customer play the interactive game and in return ask them to provide their email id if they want to get the chance to use the coupon code rewarded in the same. The admin can change the look and feel of the Magento 2 module and the percentage of discount as well.

Magento 2 Discount Extensions | Coupon & Promo Code Extensions | KnowBand

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