Magento 2 Customers Acquisition Extensions

Customers are definitely the ones for whom the entire online store has been set up. Do you agree? Every eCommerce website works towards making the customer experience up to the mark in order to bring them back to the store. Professor Theodore Levitt, an influential economist and professor at Harvard Business School stated, ‘ the purpose of all business is to “find and keep customers.”’ Well, that’s absolutely true because if it weren’t for the customers, eCommerce industry would have been just a bane.

Hence, when you find the potential customers, make sure you give them a shopping experience that pleases them and brings them back to the website again and again. Knowband here presents the Magento 2 Customer extensions to allow you to give an opportunity to the shoppers that they won’t forget ever. Go on and find the most popularized Magento extensions that you must have installed in your Opencart store.

Magento 2 Exit Popup

Customers or visitors leaving the website without converting is one of the main problems that a website faces. Whether while browsing the website or on the checkout page, customers can leave anytime. The probable reasons can be many out of which “no intention to buy” and “they didn’t like something” are the most common ones. In order to abstain their early exit, the Magento 2 exit popup is a sure shot way to give them an opportunity to stay back and spend some more time on the website. With the control in the hands of the admin, he can change the look and feel, decide the percentage of the discount offered to the customer, the font & text of the popup and a lot more. This Magento module cuts down on the bounce rate of the website and allures the customers to convert.

Magento 2 Social Loginizer 12 in 1

Want to make it convenient for your Magento 2 customers to register or login to the store? Customers hate it and get irritated when they have to enter their email address, password, and other details to come on-board. As a result, they leave the website probably never to come back. Well, you can solve that. You can install the Magento 2 Social Loginizer 12 in 1 extension on your website and give a quick and pleasing login option to your customers. With 12 popular social media login options, the customers can choose from, some of them include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin, Live, Dropbox, Foursquare, and Wordpress. All the admin has to do is drag and drop the icons of the options from the back-end and the Magento module will display it on the front-end. 

Magento 2 Spin and Win

It is actually a hardcore task to keep the customers engaged on the website and to make sure they are having a good time exploring the products. If you fail to keep them engaged, the customers get bored and leave the website. That’s exactly where the Magento 2 Spin and Win module comes into the picture. The Magento extension is a gamified technique that lets the customers spin the wheel and earn lavish discounts that they can use to shop at the store. So, this is a two-in-one Opencart extension that converts the customers and also keeps him/her engaged for a longer duration on the website.

There are other custom extensions available on Knowband as well which you can go ahead and take a look at.

Magento 2 Customers Extensions | Developer Tools | KnowBand

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Magento ® Customers extensions

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Social Loginizer 12 in 1 - Magento 2 ® Extensions -35%
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Scratch Coupon - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
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Product Size chart - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
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Infinite Scroll - Magento 2 ® Extensions -35%
Replaces the pagination of your site with the user-friendly endless sc...
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Exit popup - Magento 2 ® Extensions -35%
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Auto Switch Language and Currency - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
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Auto Subscribe  - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
Add customer emails to MailChimp and Constant Contact with this plugin...
$79.99 $59.99
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Advance Wish List / Save For Later - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
This plugin promotes faster online shopping experience by providing fu...
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Walmart Magento Integration - Magento 2 ® Extensions -30%
The module integrates your Magento 2 store with the popular marketplac...
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Product Video - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
Magento 2 Product Video extension allows you to provide detailed infor...
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Mobile Order Lookup - Magento 2 ® Extensions -25%
This extension allow customers to view their order details by making u...
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Magento 2 ® Mobile App builder -50%
Transform your Magento 2 site into a mobile app seamlessly with our se...
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Gift Card Manager - Magento 2 ® Extensions -35%
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