Tips to Win the BuyBox on Walmart

Walmart is one online platform that is giving quite a tough competition to the eCommerce giant Amazon. With it’s recent acquisition of Flipkart in India and earlier in 2016, the company has made it very clear that there’s nothing stopping them. The eCommerce marketplace is not just shopping for a bigger with the biggies of the industry, but it has also opened up doors for the small vendors to dive into the tech-savvy market.

Walmart is the second largest online shopping destination in the US after Amazon. With  495.76 billion U.S. Dollars global net sales, it has marked it’s presence all over the world and is continuing to gain more success in future.

Moreover, the eCommerce site has marked it’s presence in over 27 countries worldwide. Thus, it is indeed a great platform for the e-sellers to reach out to yet another chunk of ready buyers. However, with great opportunity comes great responsibility. The consumer-centric market sought for nothing, but the best. Thus, the jam-packed platforms require the sellers to stay at their toes when it comes catering the customers with efficiency.

Selling the products worldwide has become effortless with the prominence of Walmart. Getting a shelf on the Walmart Marketplace is not easy as it seems. There are many pros and cons of selling at Walmart Marketplace. However, if you are accepted as a third party seller on Walmart, it’s necessary to optimise your presence on the same. In order to help you stay ahead of the cut-throat competition, Walmart provides you an option of BuyBox.

So, what exactly is a BuyBox?


If more than one seller is selling the same product, then, display them on a single page. This page displays the products and their pricing to the customer. Out of these products, one item wins the Buy Box. The customers are drawn to the very first option that they see. As per reports, approximately 85-90 percent sales are acquired by the seller who wins the Walmart buy box. Hence, winning the buy box is essential for the vendors.

How to win the BuyBox on Walmart?

List the product at the lowest price


When multiple vendors are offering the same item, then, the seller that offers the products that the best or the lowest price wins the BuyBox. Content Anaytics offers you an automated notification whenever you lose the buy box. Additionally, for the CMS-based eCommerce sites, there are plugins available that help you import the BuyBox report in your store. Thus, you can track the pricing report of the other vendors and reprice the product accordingly. Extensions like Prestashop Walmart integrator, Magento 2Magento Walmart Integration extensionOpenCart Walmart Integrator Extension and Shopify Walmart Integrator Extension offers the same functionality for the respective platforms.

In case you manage your Walmart shop without any extension, you can make use of the Walmart Repricer. This tool checks out the lowest price of products on the Walmart store. Not just this, it even changes the price of the product accordingly. On the other hand, if the competitors’ price is higher than that of yours, you can lower the prices, but keep it less than theirs.

Keep the products in-stock

in-stock-products’s buy box algorithm structured to check the inventory of the item competing to win the BuyBox as well. After the pricing is checked, it will see if the products is in-stock or not. If it doesn’t, then, the seller will lose, even if it is being offered at the lowest price. Ranking of products is also necessary as they should be visible in the search results of customers resulting in good sales and profits.

Offer Cheap Shipping Option


Winning the BuyBox is dependent on the order cost of the order. Thus, the shipping charges can be one of the deciding factors. Thus, it is recommended to use free ‘Value Shipping’. On Walmart, if the total cart value is more than $50. Offer free delivery to the customers along with lower prices.

How can the Knowband’s Walmart Integration extension help you win the BuyBox?

Knowband offers Walmart marketplace integrators for various CMS platforms such as Prestashop, Magento 2Magento, OpenCart, and Shopify. This is how the plugins can help the e-sellers to win the BuyBox:

  • You can import the BuyBox report of the Walmart marketplace by executing cron in the back-end of the Walmart integrator.
  • You can track the price of your competitor and reprice your product accordingly.
  • The change in the price is synced with the marketplace with the help of the cron job offered by Knowband’s Walmart integrator.

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  1. Thanks Joe! This was of great help for a new Walmart seller like me. Just wanted to confirm whether it’s repricing for winning the BuyBox is worth-it or not? Will it affect my sales? I mean do the sellers who win the buybox get an edge over the competitor?

  2. Thank you so much Joe for the information. Hope you will provide more information like this.
    Just wanted to know that cheap shipping option really helps in increasing the conversion rate as if products are expensive than how we will recover the rate of products? I mean buying this BuyBox addon is worth-it or not?

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