8 tips to drive more customers on a Marketplace


Customers are the life force of an eCommerce Marketplace. It’s important to keep them engaged and happy in your eCommerce store because it is one of the ways to compel them for buying products. Each and every aspect is important in driving more customers to a marketplace. The tactics applied by you must be relevant and should engage customers on your website.

Selling on a Marketplace like Etsy, eBay, Walmart, etc. in between thousands of competitors is not a cakewalk. Maintaining a healthy relationship with customers is the basic step to be taken for better sales and revenues. Customers play a key role in bringing new users to your website. At times, it could be a love-hate relationship between customers and sellers which can lead to the downfall of sales. So, it’s pretty obvious that if there would be no potential customers, there would be no sales.

As the eCommerce industry is steadily growing every day including new trends and ideas, sellers should keep an eye on the growing competition to apply some new strategies to overcome it. It’s very important to draw the eye of the customers on your Marketplace.

Taking this into action, here are 8 tips that enable you to drive more customer traffic on your online Marketplace and results in good sales and revenues:

1. Take heed of every angle associated:


The services offered by a seller could be at their best only when you pay attention to each and every minor aspect associated with customer traffic. A good seller should also be a good brainstormer who can think of every aspect to give the best services to its customers. Every mind has a great plan and these plans could be implemented to generate profits. Analyze the targeted customers by knowing their demands and try to fulfill them. This will attract users to your website which can later turn into potential customers.

Brainstorm a little and target customers by following these tips:

  • Keep track of your targeted customers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can get to know more about them and build your personal brand accordingly.
  • Always remain updated with the latest technology to provide a great shopping experience for your customers.
  • Provide them a smooth checkout process. If we believe Statista, 69.23% of digital shopping carts were abandoned in the year 2017. It could be due to a complex checkout process. You can reduce your cart abandonment rate by making the check-out process easier for the customer. Have a look at PrestaShop one-page checkout addon for your eCommerce store.

2. Drive Organic traffic to your website by excellent SEO:


Involving huge organic traffic from all over the world is definitely not a cakewalk. Like you, there are many more Marketplaces dreaming of potential traffic on their store but unable to achieve the same.

To overcome this competition, you must be well equipped with an excellent SEO to stay an extra edge over others. SEO is like the backbone for the marketplace which gives accurate balance to it. And the foremost way of excellent SEO is back-links. Back-links generate the highest amount of traffic on any website on Google. It also helps to rank you high in the Google search results. High ranking automatically gives you more traffic and relevant customers too.

3. The advertisement game:


Imagine you are searching for a product on Google and got some Google Ads in search results for the same product at different prices. Purchasers will definitely compare the prices by visiting different websites and will go for the best purchase. Focus on advertising your eCommerce store can optimize your website traffic. Customers will get to know about your Marketplace and will attract them to visit the same.

There are 3 varieties of campaigns you can run with Google ads is Search, Display, and Response. You can also show an ad on social media sites too. Now, you have to choose and advertise your products on any of these according to the availability of targeted customers. If you are targeting young people, then you can advertise your eCommerce store on social media. This can help you generate good leads on a daily basis.

4. Generating leads through Email Marketing:


Email Marketing is one of the most popular and advantageous strategies to convert prospects into customers. It helps in building the trust of customers and eventually generating loyal customers, making you capable to acquire profitable leads 24*7.

Email notifications are the most common way today to inform customers about the latest offers and discounts going on a Marketplace. It is a fact that people who buy through email notifications pay more as compared to the people who don’t avail of these offers. So, this means email notifications are also helping you in generating more revenues. So, start working from today to avail of good leads. In the market, there are lots of solutions present which make your email marketing easier.

5. Think like a customer, perform like a seller:


This is the utmost important tip to drive customer traffic on the eCommerce Marketplace. The product and service provided by the store admin could solely impact the purchasing decisions of customers. Remember one thing to catch a thief a policeman also have to think like a thief. Therefore, your strategies should be specialized according to the customer’s thinking strategy.

You should provide some tempting options which attract potential customers towards your goods and services. This will not only generate good leads but will also attract new users to your website. Since Marketplace has access to millions of customers worldwide, sellers can promote their products according to the demands of different communities and improve their cross-border sales too.

6. Focus on Quality, not Quantity:


Although your promotion is too good that you are getting immense traffic of customers but that doesn’t mean you will avail a huge chunk of profits. The quality of a product plays the most important role in acquiring the trust of the customers and confirming repeat sales too. Quality is always a one-step important factor than quantity.

Selling bad quality products demotes the reputation of the Marketplace and leads to the downfall of sales and revenues. So, it’s important to keep the focus on the quality of the products sold by sellers otherwise, it will lead to a serious downfall of your Marketplace platform.

7. Result-oriented behavior of sellers:


Sellers should already comprehend the demands made by the targeted audience and fulfill them by their goods and services to generate good revenues. The result-oriented approach towards your goods and services may enable you to inspect the whole scenario from a customer’s perspective.

However, the above fact can’t give assurance for the huge revenues as all potential customers are different from each other. The approach made by you should be precise and accurate and should generate better results.

8. Choose your social media wisely:


You may clearly have an idea that social media engages a huge number of audiences and is the best way to attract the eyes of purchasers towards your profile. However, it’s also important to choose the right social media platform by examining them closely and looking for the best one where you can find your targeted community of shoppers on a high scale.


The above-mentioned points will definitely increase your website traffic which will result in higher sales and revenues. Regardless of whatever you sell on your eCommerce website, being a digital entrepreneur makes you responsible to analyze the traffic. On the website, implement some diligent strategies to convert them into potential leads. This will not only increase your website’s conversion rate but also make you earn a huge chunk of profits.

Convert your traffic into meaningful leads with KnowBand. Explore Marketplace integrators that enable sellers to integrate their eCommerce website to some renowned Marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google Shopping, Newegg, and many more.

Features of Marketplace Integrators:

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  2. Mapping of the store attribute and category with the respective Marketplace attributes and category.
  3. Effective management of the product inventory.
  4. Effective management of the Marketplace orders.

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