How to rank your product listings high on Walmart search?

Being a Walmart seller, this query would have often came to your mind. Now, you need to understand the depth of it as high ranking of your products can easily keep you stay ahead of others. Well, in today’s market the competition between the retailers continues to heat up. As an eCommerce store owner, it’s important for you to get noticed by your audience. The only way to make it happen is to boost the visibility of your products on the Internet. Walmart’s growing marketplace comes with huge opportunities for sellers in order to boost up their business growth. With over 127 million monthly visitors, it’s very important to seize this opportunity and beat the competition by staying at top of our fellow competitors.

Now, the point arises that is it easy to rank your products on top or it will require loads of efforts. Many Walmart sellers still don’t have any idea about the fact that Walmart product ranking algorithm does exist. It’s important to keep the listing strategies of Walmart in mind to make your listed products visible and provide you an extra edge over others.

Here are some of the factors for your listing optimisation on Walmart:

1) Right Product Title:

product-titleThe most influencing factor for Walmart product ranking is the title of the product. Try to use the right keywords and make sure to include all key attributes to enhance visibility and brand promotion. It is important to be consistent with product title as it benefits to create a seamless brand image for your business.

2) Correct Product Description:

product-descriptionsA specific and informative description is the key to popularise your product on Walmart. Walmart allows you to write a 1000 words description for a particular product and that’s quite enough. So, its totally upto you how you can make the most out of it. Using facts and figures in the description shows your authority and expertise in knowledge. Try to create a catchy product description which attracts consumer’s trust and compels them to make the purchase.

3) Right Selection of Category:

selection-of-categoryBe specific to choose the best category suited for your product. Opting a wrong category will surely affect the product visibility and thus, limit sales. The more accurate is your product category the higher is your product ranking on the product search page. This will surely help the users to find your product easily and go for instant purchase.

4) Effective Pricing:

pricingOffering competitively priced products certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to rank your products. If you really want to beat the competition, you better be nosy and look into your competitor’s price lists. For winning a BuyBox, you need to adjust your prices accordingly and this will certainly rank your products high and will improve sales of your business.

5) Genuine Customer reviews:

customer-reviewCustomer reviews plays a vital role in leaving a huge impact on user’s decision regarding the purchase. It’s important to motivate customers to leave reviews for your products but there should be a check on negative reviews as well if there are any A negative review from a customer will directly influence your product ranking so its better to ensure customer satisfaction by providing them a great shopping experience. This will also help in building the user’s trust on your product and increase sales.


Getting an item listed on top of the market place is quite tricky but if you try to implement the above mentioned factors it would certainly be the top-notch approach to get your product ranking in top search results. However, product quality is still the most essential asset for product sales and marketing. So, you need to keep a check on the same.

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