9 tips to help you sell more on Walmart Marketplace


One of the most popular Marketplaces in the world i.e Walmart Marketplace has gained sustainability in its eCommerce business all over the world. Walmart Marketplace provides a platform for many third-party sellers to sell their products and earn a huge chunk of profits. Many third-party sellers have already leveraged the benefits of Marketplace by expanding their reach to millions of customers worldwide. However, this led to an increase in the number of third-party sellers and competition continues to heat up. So, it’s high time for sellers to come up with some new strategies to acquire an extra edge over others.


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So, here are some tips which can help you make more sale and help you earn good profits:

1. Create your own Brand:


Getting a shelf on Walmart Marketplace is not an easy goal to achieve. To become a third party seller on Walmart Marketplace, vendors have to go through the strict policies laid by Walmart for third-party sellers. Walmart Marketplace mainly entertains brand owners rather than re-sellers. This means if you are a brand owner, then there are high chances of your acceptance as a third party seller on Walmart Marketplace.

2. Performance Record:


It’s very important to maintain a good record as a seller before applying to Walmart. Walmart considers those eSellers first who manifest a good track record on other Marketplaces. They verify your review and ratings on your current sales channels. In fact, Walmart itself keeps a seller’s scorecard to rate sellers on Marketplace. So, do keep an eye on your performance and try to improvise it on regular basis.

3. Build a brand image:


Once you are approved as a seller, It’s necessary to maintain a good image in front of Walmart Marketplace. Streamline your operations to avoid out of stock or any other issues related to inventory. These issues downgrade your performance in front of Walmart which could lead to many serious consequences. However, keeping a check manually on these issues is a hassle. Sellers need a trustworthy integration software that provides you seamless integration of your website with Walmart Marketplace. This integration will make your job easier by maintaining your inventories from the back-end itself. It will also help the seller to optimize their presence on Walmart Marketplace.

4. Detailed and Accurate product Description:


Although every customer knows what they are buying but Walmart needs sellers to write product descriptions more accurate and in detail when compared to other Marketplaces. The data provided by sellers should be accurate and should not divert customers from the features of the product. This will compel customers to go for instant purchase and in return, you will get loyal and satisfied customers for your eCommerce business.

Avoid using irrelevant data and keywords as it will frustrate customers resulting in loss of sales. Make sure the information provided by you should be to the point and up to date. Product description should not long so keep a check on the standardized length of the same.

5. Relevant product categories:


Imagine that customers are unable to find your products and finally settling with the same product sold by your competitor. To ensure the higher sales of your items, make sure that the items listed by you are placed in the right product category with relevant attributes. Choosing the correct product category on a digital shelf directly influences the visibility of your product in between customers and help you gain good profits. Make sure that the ranking of your products on Walmart is high so that they are visible on the top of search results.

6. SKU Caps by Walmart:


Walmart’s SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for product listing is been set to a favorable limit for third-party sellers. Once you start selling your products on Walmart Marketplace, you will be able to increase the SKU caps according to your sales performance and customer reviews on them. As soon as your sale increases, Walmart will provide you the opportunity to increase your SKU’s and more products from your eCommerce website. So, make sure to list your best selling items and gradually work on building a good reputation as a seller on Walmart Marketplace.

7. List down the products at the lowest price:


Today, consumers can easily access the Internet which let the continuous increase in the number of customers and eCommerce stores, multiple vendors are offering the same quality products at different prices on the same Marketplace. The seller that offers the products at the best or the lowest price attracts customers and compels them to go for instant purchase. Walmart Marketplace mainly focuses to provide the lowest price to its customers and also provides instant visibility to sellers which can help them to win BuyBox too. So, if you want to be a successful seller on the Walmart platform, the low pricing of products should be a priority.

8. Don’t Forget to Apply for Promotions:


Walmart always features promotions that provide “everyday low prices” guarantee. Sellers can take advantage of applying for these promotions and enhance their visibility in front of customers. Walmart takes time to consider your request so keep yourself motivated and wait for their response. The lower the price, the better your chances of having your promotion accepted. So, try to provide the lowest yet best price of your product.

9. Importance of Marketing:


As an eCommerce seller, It’s important to promote your products on the Walmart Marketplace. You can try various marketing strategies like social media strategy, Facebook’s advertising program and many more. These strategies are a great way to popularise your products in between the audience and can turn them into potential customers. You can also try email and content marketing to increase your product’s visibility too. Sellers can personalize their brand by these marketing strategies which can help you sell more on Walmart’s Marketplace.

Over To You:

Getting a shelf on Walmart Marketplace is not a cake walk. Although Walmart invites third-party sellers to its marketplace, there are many vendors who are still dreaming to be one of the sellers on Walmart. However, if your application is accepted you should take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a platform with millions of loyal customers. Building your eCommerce business reputation and presence on such a renowned Marketplace will definitely help you increase your audience base which can turn into loyal customers in the future. So, What are you waiting for, If you haven’t applied to sell on Walmart till now, you should do it as soon as possible.

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