Magento FB Store Extension by Knowband – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

If you already own a Magento store, you can now start selling your shop’s products to the Facebook community as well. Whether you want to showcase your products on the social platform or you want to drive Facebook audience to your store, you can simply accomplish it by setting up a Facebook Shop. Magento Facebook Store Extension integrates your online store with the Facebook page in just a few clicks and allows you to showcase your products on the Facebook business page.

Connect & Sell to over 2 Billion+ Facebook users with the help of Magento FB Store extension. Store merchants can effortlessly customize the Facebook store product catalog to showcase the best products and offers they would like to sell on Facebook. Using Magento Facebook Shop extension, they can add desired products from the Magento store on their FB Store page and style up the page interface to make it look attractive to the Facebook users. The potential customers can view the store products direct from the FB Shop page and can shop for the desired products by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ button. Clicking the button will redirect them to your Magento store.

1.1 Striking Features of Magento FB store Integration for merchants

The ease in install and configuration of Magento FB Shop extension eliminates the need for any coding efforts, so the store admins can implement FB store on their Magento website without any assistance. Moreover, Magento Facebook shop integration offers other numerous features to the merchant that are listed below:

  • Magento FB Store extension lets you integrate your online shop with your Facebook page which requires a Facebook App ID to setup connection with Facebook.
  • Admin can use the Google Analytics feature to gain the insight of their Facebook Shop page performance using Magento Facebook store extension.
  • With Magento Facebook Shop extension, admin can change the look and feel of the Facebook Store by adding a logo image and banner image on the FB Store Homepage.
  • Additionally, admin can even set a theme color and font color for their FB Store page.
  • Magento Facebook Store Integration module allows admin to add a Homepage content on their FB Store page.
  • Store merchants can even add a footer to their FB Store to add a store appeal.
  • Magento Facebook Store Setup adds a search field at the top of FB page which allows the customers to search for a particular product and service.
  • With Magento Facebook Integration extension, Admin can easily select the menu items for the configurable navigation bar present at the top of the FB store.
  • Using Magento FB shop integration module, Admin can also set featured products and featured categories on Homepage of their Facebook business page.

 1.2 Magento FB Shop Benefits to Customer

  • Magento FB Store extension offers the ease of browsing and shopping to the customers for the store products while accessing their Facebook account.
  • The ‘Add to Cart’ button added using Magento Facebook Integration extension automatically redirects the customers to the Magento eCommerce store.

1.3 Technology for Development

Language: PHP
Frame Work: Magento

2.0 Installation Guide for Magento Facebook Store Extension

The store admin can follow these simple steps for installing the Magento FB Store extension:

1.First of all download the extension package from the Knowband store.
2.You will get a zipped file containing the source code and user manual.. Unzip the package on the root folder of your Magento setup via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here: You’ll find the files and folders as shown in the image below:

The extension is now installed and ready for use. Now the store admin can now use and configure the Magento Facebook integration extension.

3.0 Admin Interface of Magento FB Store extension

Just after successful installation of Magento Facebook Store Setup on the Magento site, you can configure the FB Store module as per your needs.  In the Admin Panel, go to System > Knowband Extensions > Facebook Store.

Magento Facebook Store Extension admin-interface

This Knowband extension offers you the following sections.

1.General Settings
2.Content Settings
3.Facebook Store

Magento Facebook Store Extension module-sections

Each Tab of the Magento FB store extension are discussed below:

3.1 General Settings

On clicking on the General Settings tab, you will see the following options as given below:


Initially the above fields are set to their default values.

  1. Enable/Disable: Initially Magento Facebook Shop extension is enabled, you can disable its functionality by turning OFF this setting.
  2. Google Analytics ID: You can enter the Google Analytics ID in this section and track the traffic and performance of your Facebook shop in Google Analytics.
  3. Facebook App ID: Input the Facebook App ID required to setup connection with the Facebook. Admin can generate Facebook ID and add it to their Facebook Store. Refer the section 3.1.1 to obtain the Facebook App ID.

After this, click on the “Save” button shown at the top right corner of admin panel to save the module settings.

3.1.1 Steps to generate Facebook app ID

In order to generate Facebook app id please follow these steps:

  • First of all log-in to the Facebook account and go to the link mentioned here:
  • Go to “MY APPS” and click on the ”ADD NEW APP” option.


  • Enter the details in “Display Name” and “contact email ID”. After that, click on the “Create APP ID” button.


  • After clicking the “create app id” button, go to the “Settings” and then select “Basic” option. Here, the store admin can view the APP ID. The admin needs to copy this Facebook app id and copy to the admin interface app id option.


  • Admin can insert the App Domain. After that click on the “save changes” option.

3.2 Content Settings

The various fields of this section of Magento Facebook store extension are mentioned below.

  • Upload New Logo: Admin can set a custom logo for their Facebook Store by uploading the logo image of format PNG, JPG, or JPEG only.
  • Homepage Image: This option allows the admin to add a banner image on the Homepage of their Facebook Store.



  • Homepage Content: Admin can add and edit the Homepage text which will be displayed to the audience when they click on Facebook Shop tab. The specified content will be displayed on Homepage of Facebook Store.
  • Menu Item: Admin can select the categories/subcategories of the store that you want to be displayed at the FB shop.



  • Facebook Theme Color: Using this option of Magento Facebook store extension, admin can set the theme color for their Facebook Store.
  • Facebook Text Color: Admin can even set the font color for the text displayed on Facebook Shop page.
  • Maximum Number of Featured Categories: Magento FB Store extension lets you set the maximum number of featured categories to be shown on the Homepage of Facebook Store.
  • Featured Categories on Home: Admin can now select the various categories equal to the count specified in above setting. If categories selected are more than max no then random set of categories will be shown from selected ones.
  • Enter Number of Products Per Page: Admin can specify the count of products to be displayed on browsing a particular featured category.
  • Maximum Number of Featured Products: This option of Magento FB Shop extension specifies the number of featured products to be shown on the Homepage of the Facebook Store.



  • Search Products: Using this option, admin can select the products to be shown on homepage.
  • Footer Content: Admin can specify the Footer content which is to be dispalyed at the bottom of the Facebook Store.



4.0 Front Interface of Magento Facebook Store Integration Module

Once after setting up the Facebok App ID and the configuration settings, your customers can find the Facebook shop tab in your Facebook account.

front-UIFind below more details about this Magento Facebook Store Extension:

Magento Facebook Store Extension Link

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