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The Pluses and Minuses of becoming a Walmart Marketplace seller

If you would have noticed, earlier in 2017, Amazon inaudibly dropped their shipping prices to match up with Walmart and Jet. To remain in the competition, it’s important to be aware about the latest marketing techniques used by your competitors. As a consequence of this, the biggie store gave free shipping on orders above $49, the price dropped to $35. However, every action has a reaction to it and that’s when Walmart Marketplace announced their membership-free 2-day free shipping model. If you take a closer look, you’ll understand that Amazon being the biggest online store worldwide believes Walmart, the biggest retailer to be its competitor.

However, despite being the biggest marketplace that gives competition to Amazon, sellers are usually cynical about selling their products at Walmart. Well, that certainly has a lot of reasons from the reputation that Walmart has earned to the seller’s licensing agreements with brands and more.

So, it is always better to assess the ifs and the buts of selling your products at Walmart marketplace.

If you are planning and thinking about becoming a seller on Walmart, you should go ahead and read the pros and cons of selling on Walmart below.


If you do your homework properly, you’ll find that Walmart adds about a million of products every month and out of which a huge chunk is by the new third-party sellers. Every e-seller, small or big, can now showcase their products to the Walmart visitors and tap a larger customer base now. Knowband compliments this quest of expansion of the e-sellers with a user-friendly solution for the CMS-based site. Walmart integrators are one such that allows the store owners to connect their site with and list their products with great ease and also they should rank high in the search results of customers.

Followed are the positives of selling your item on Walmart marketplace.

Wide exposure


With 304 monthly visit of customers, has established itself to be the second most trafficked eCommerce site. With such stats, you would benefit enormous exposure for your products. The exposure would let you reach out to newer customers as well as increase your loyalty. Our Walmart integration plugins can help you upload and manage the inventory in bulk. The profile-based listing option offered by Walmart integration extension allows you to upload the products and related details in bulk. Even automation or cron options allows the admin to edit, remove or relist the products with ease.

Higher credibility


Walmart has been in business for quite some time. Hence, if you are an e-merchant who deals in products like electronics, home appliances, decor, and more, you have a fair chance to be the credible one at the store and you’ll fit in well.

Walmart API integrator supports all type of products. Moreover, in order to stay ahead of the co-sellers, you can even offer products with promotional discounts with the help of Walmart  API integrator. The sellers can even win the Buy Box with the repricing option offered by  Walmart integration Extension.

Low investment


When you invest as a seller at Amazon or eBay, you pay monthly charges whereas; at Walmart marketplace, you only pay a certain amount of money when you start a sale on your products. Furthermore, the amount is decided depending on the category of products that you choose to avail the sale on.

Effortless transactions


You all hear a lot about businesses investing in eCommerce SEO services for a seamless shopping experience. Walmart invests a lot of money in providing a smooth shopping experience to the shoppers with faster checkouts and uninterrupted payment services. Hence, the bounce rates are low and the conversion rate is high.

Knowband makes marketplace transaction easier for the e-sellers. The cron options offered by Walmart  integration module sync the marketplace orders with the  eCommerce store and allow the admin to process them from the back-end itself.

Return policies that suit you

One of the best aspects selling at Walmart marketplace would be that the store allows its sellers to set their own return policies. Now, they can choose whether the product can be returned within 30 days or a week.

Best customer support

Best Customer Support

BuyBox option


The marketplace is jam-packed and the number of sellers is increasing day-by-day. However, there is still an opportunity for the vendors to boost their presence and the visibility of their products at the marketplace. Walmart offers a BuyBox option where the sellers can compete for their product price. In case, the same products are being offered by multiple vendors, then, the products are displayed in the same place. The seller that wins the price get the top position in the BuyBox. This way the customers can find the product at competitive prices. At the same time, it increases the chances of conversion for the sellers who wins the BuyBox.

With the marketplace integrator like Prestashop, MagentoOpenCartMagento 2 or Shopify Walmart Integrator Extension, the process of tracking the BuyBox report has become effortless. The report can be synced with the help of cron options and the sellers even get an option reprice the product in order to win the BuyBox.

If you are to rate the best marketplace in terms of customer support, Walmart marketplace would be on the top of the list. Wherever the Walmart marketplace feels that there are product issues, they would let the buyer contact the seller directly in order to resolve the issue or further assistance.

No thefts has been in business since 2000 and security measures offered by the same are top notch for both the sellers as well as the buyers.


On the flipside, the following are the issues faced by the sellers on the Walmart marketplace:

Low prices reduce the chances of bigger profits


Walmart marketplace has the reputation of being one of the most cost-effective marketplaces. That’s how the customers are in billions. However, for a seller to sell his product at a minimal price reduces the chances of the bigger margin of profit. Hence, a seller has to wait for a wide number of products in order to see the profit. And selling more number of products will only happen when you have high visibility among the customers.

Walmart integrator allows the admin to display the products at custom prices, that is, without changing them from the store.

Getting the opportunity at first place


Walmart believes in selecting only the best sellers to be a part of If you have a credible selling history and a transparent track record, you are eligible to be selected by the Walmart marketplace but if you are unable to prove your worth, your application will be rejected.

Walmart favours brands over retailers


You have lesser chances to get in because Walmart gives priority to brands over the retailers.

Keeping the positives and negatives of selling the products on the popular marketplace, the e-sellers can probably now make up their mind whether they want to delve into the same or not. However, if these points are to be considered, the pluses of selling on Walmart has upper hand.

How can Knowband’s Walmart Integrator help you?

Having discussed the pros and cons of Walmart shop, here are some of the ways in which Knowband’s Walmart integration extension can help you in the same.

The Walmart  integration plugin offers an effortless means to setup the connection between the two stores. Follow the below-mentioned steps for the same:

  • Install the Walmart integrator in your eCommerce site.
  • Establish the connection by sharing the API details in the back-end of the Walmart integrator.
  • Create profiles in the admin interface of the Prestashop Walmart integration plugin. Map the categories of the store with the category of the marketplace. The products of the selected category will be listed on the marketplace by executing cron in the back-end of the Walmart connector.

This integrator module is also available for various CMS platforms like Magento 2, MagentoOpenCart, PrestaShop and Shopify and serves all the functions listed above:

Here are some of the features offered by Walmart integration plugins that can take the burden off your shoulder:

  • The admin gets an option to connect their store with the marketplace just by sharing some API details in the back-end of the Walmart integrator.
  • The product listing and detail synchronisation become effortless with seamless integration.
  • The admin can create profiles for mapping the categories and listing the products. This profile-based listing allows bulk product upload option.
  • The inventory, the products details and pricing are updated just by executing cron from the back-end.
  • The store admin can even relist or remove the products in bulk. These changes are synced with the marketplace by executing cron in the back-end.
  • The admin can synchronise the Walmart store order details to the store’s order details with the help of cron job of Walmart Integration extension.
  • The admin can keep a check on the various feeds in the audit log section.
  • The Walmart BuyBox report is tracked from the back-end and the sellers can reprice the products in order to win the same.

So should you sell at Walmart marketplace? The decision is left totally to you! The Walmart marketplace is doing everything to be the best in the industry and certainly, a good opportunity for you get on the bandwagon. If you want to become a seller, Walmart Marketplace Integration module by Knowband would your sure shot way to higher conversions.


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