Pagination vs Infinite Scrolling

Pagination or Infinite Scrolling? Which would be better? This thought has struck e-retailers many times and they are still stuck in a dilemma. Through this article, I will help you get better insights into both these processes so that you could make a better choice. Before we delve into the debate between Pagination and Infinite Scrolling, let’s try to understand both.

What is pagination?

Pagination is the process of breaking large content into smaller chunks. It divides your website content into discrete pages and forms a  sequential numbering at the end of a page.


A common example of Pagination is the Google search result. Every time you search something on Google, it displays multiple results that are divided into a number of pages.

Pagination- Google search result

If your website contains huge content, you should use Pagination to break it into relatively short pages.

Pros of Pagination


A lot of information can sometimes be difficult to go through, at once. This is where separators make things easier. Users find a pleasant experience when the content they are trying to view is segregated into different pages.

Easy tracking and bookmarking

With pagination, it becomes easy to track how much content you have consumed. Consider Google search results or  Amazon, for example, if you have gone through some pages already, you do not need to go through them again. You can directly jump to a specific page and also bookmark it for later use.

Better Control

Suppose you want to reach to the footer of a website, it can be frustrating if the website does not follow the pagination process. In e-commerce websites, you would have to wait until the product list is over. Pagination, therefore, provides better control to browse the content.

Cons of Pagination

Breaks the flow

Pagination obstructs the seamless view of browsing the content. It breaks the flow of a visitor by asking them to navigate to the next page to browse further.

More clicks and loading time

Users get tired after clicking multiple times. Not only it is tiring, but more page load time can also disturb the user experience.

What is Infinite Scrolling?

Infinite scrolling or continuous scrolling is a single-page scrolling that goes on endlessly with no certain finish line. It basically loads the overall content on a single page and offers a continuous flow of browsing. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are the best examples of Infinite scrolling.

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If you wish to make your users stay longer on your website, you can opt for Infinite Scrolling.

Pros of Infinite scrolling

More User Engagement

Since Infinite scrolling puts up all the content in one place, users are less likely to get distracted. It doesn’t break their flow and engages them more towards your content, hence more user engagement.

Lower Bounce Rate

With more user engagement, the average time spent by a user on your website, increases, which eventually reduces the bounce rate.

Best for mobile users

Infinite scrolling provides an amazing experience to mobile users. Since most of the website traffic today comes through mobile, Infinite scroll is the best fit as it is much easier and more intuitive.

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Cons of Infinite scrolling

Difficult to navigate to top

When users keep scrolling down, they usually dig so deep that navigation to the top becomes a daunting task.

No endpoint

Infinite Scrolling has a saturation level. Users feel bored after a point and take an exit. In addition to that, a user looking for the footer section on your website can find continuous scrolling quite frustrating as they will find it challenging to reach the endpoint of the page.

Now, since you have understood both Pagination and Infinite Scrolling along with their pros and cons, it is time to decide which one can be a better option for your website/store.

Considering all the factors, I feel that Infinite Scrolling dominates Pagination in many ways.

1. It is a fantastic option for e-commerce store owners who do not want customers to lose focus from their store.

2. Infinite scrolling is more effective in creating user engagement and lowering bounce rate as compared to pagination.

3. Infinite scrolling eliminates pagination by constantly loading fresh content within the same page.

4. Users find continuous scrolling a better option than pagination as it avoids the need to click and load a page again and again.

Wondering how can you implement the Infinite Scroll feature on your website?

Well, there are two ways to do it. You can either ask your developers to make this feature available on your website or you can choose from a number of plugins available on the Internet.

We recommend the Infinite Scroll module by Knowband.

The Infinite Scroll module by Knowband is a feature-packed plugin that generates automatic loading on the product listing page. It provides easy navigation through the product catalog. Infinite Scroll module is a modern replacement for Pagination System and offers seamless browsing.

Features of Infinite Scroll

1. It includes two ways of displaying the products- List View and Grid View.

2. Infinite Scroll addon consists of a “Go to top” button that allows visitors to reach the top section of the page within a fraction of seconds.

Infinite scrolling
One of the cons of Infinite Scrolling that we discussed above was it is difficult to navigate to the top of the page. the “Go to top” button in the Infinite Scroll module eliminates this problem.

3. The Infinite Scroll extension allows you to display a loader on your store while the next page gets loaded.

4. If not the automatic load, you can use the “Load more” feature that displays a Load More button at the end of a page result.
load-more5. You can also create a message box at the end of your product results which confirms your visitor that the results have ended.


6. It doesn’t affect your SEO and is compatible with all themes. It is also SSL compatible.

Knowband offers Infinite Scroll for Prestashop, Magento, Magento 2 and OpenCart.

Check them out for complete features and benefits

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon

Magento Infinite Scroll extension

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll extension

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension

Why not give this a try? Do let us know about the results that you obtain after installing the Infinite Scroll module on your store. That’s my take on Pagination vs Infinite Scrolling, what’s yours?

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  1. Loved the article, Manish. I was being confused for some time regarding the choice between Pagination and Infinite Scroll for my store. Thanks for helping me in making a choice and understand things better.

  2. I had always stuck with the Pagination process but after reading this article, I feel Infinite scroll isn’t a bad choice either. I will drop down my feedback after using the Infinite Scroll module.

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