How To Design A PrestaShop Website With Sale Boosting Features?


Online shopping is in the trend and it is only growing with each passing day. If we look at the data, around 61% of users are opting for online product purchases worldwide. That makes eCommerce store a top-notch channel to sell products and generate revenue. But, competition is huge making a slight chance for you to achieve sales goals. In this article, we will be going through some of the brilliant ways to ease the task to design PrestaShop website. Having a pretty good design & functionalities is what makes your PrestaShop eCommerce website stand out from its competitors. The PrestaShop platform not only eases the task for e-store owners to easily design their site but also is visually appealing & convenient for users viewing the site.

Along with all the ease that comes with designing a PrestaShop website, putting some more efforts by adding sales-boosting features can further lead you to success. Follow along this article to know about all the various PrestaShop designs that can prove lucrative to sales.

Sale Booster Features For PrestaShop Website:


1. Social Sharing Options:

Design your site having social login options via Facebook, Google, etc. Also, add quick-access icons for the users letting them easily share web-pages & products on their social media channels. Being already logged in via social channels makes it really convenient for them to share on multiple channels. A word of recommendation received from friends is has proven to be quite good to organically get new leads even with minimal efforts.

Making navigation less time-consuming for customers automatically improves their satisfaction with your services. Ultimately, it helps them buy what they wish with fewer efforts in searching. Design your filtering options keeping in mind about the different categories available on your PrestaShop website. For instance, filters like- ‘size’, ‘fit’, ‘color’, etc. for apparels & ‘OS’, ‘RAM’, etc. for smartphones. Both these categories can’t keep the same set of filters,

3. Labels & Batches:

Automate your website to label certain products as “Best Seller”, “Trending”, “Special Offer” depending on the products being sold on PrestaShop. Having such labels/batches set for some of the products can develop a better level of trust & usability among your customers. This way, more of your customers would be willing to buy such products giving you an instant lift in the sales of the labeled products.

4. Allow Reviews For Products:

Design your product pages having a review section on which users can write their feedback on the product & rate the same. The majority of online shoppers even prefer to have slight negative reviews on products for the sake of being unbiased. The reviews can prove valuable for new users visiting the products.

5. Infinite Scrolling:

Pagination or manual scroll is a traditional approach that can slow down the browsing pace of your customers. Add an infinite scrolling button. This allows automatic scrolling of products at a slow observable pace. Such functionalities strengthen the interface & allow users to shop quicker eventually boosting the sales. Check Infinite Scroll plugin for PrestaShop.

6. Call-To-Action Sources (CTA’s):

Add relevant Call-To-Action buttons or other sources. Add at least 1 or 2 CTAs on each page & keep its content precise & catchy. Also, be sure to add tracking codes to them as well to measure the response received via these buttons.

7. Customer Retention & Loyalty:

The kind of customers who keep returning for more shopping is much valuable for any online retail business. Such customers are loyal ones & are even responsible for recommending your services to their friends and family. Hence, design your site in a way that you are able to retain more customers than just acquiring the new ones. Also, have some loyalty programs & credits to award your loyal customers.

8. Responsive Design:

Out of all the designs & customization that you make on your site, be sure that they are responsive i.e. functional on mobile browsers. More than half of netizens now are shopping via their smartphone & having any sort of glitch in your design for mobile browsers can make them backout from successful purchases.

9. Easier Navigation:

Design your navigation bar as a sticky menu for mobile & desktop browsers & even for the mobile app. No one wants to scroll all the back to the top just to access the navigation menu. Such factors that improve user shopping experience play a huge role in increasing the overall sales.

10. Checkout & Payment:

Keep the design of your checkout page to be user-friendly & less time-consuming. Have an alternate quick checkout page, for instance, the ‘One-Page-Checkout’. Also, you can allow your customers to set their address book. Having to simply choose the address from the saved list is way more convenient than manually entering the delivery address each time a customer shops.

Wrap Up:

With PrestaShop, plenty of designing options & customizations are available. With a good customer-centric approach, a lot can be achieved whether it’s for brand reputation or increasing sales. Such a PrestaShop store design is worth having & now, it’s your chance to give it a try. Drop us an email at to discuss it with us.


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