8 Things that make a Perfect Mobile Product Page

8 Things that make a Perfect Mobile Product Page

A perfect mobile website requires much more than just responsive design. From your home page to the checkout page, every step needs to be optimized so that your mobile visitors find the best of experience on your eCommerce website.

In this write-up, our focus would be on product pages. What makes a perfect mobile product page? Let’s find out.

Essentials for a Perfect Mobile Product Page

To get the best results from your mobile product page, which means getting more clicks and leading customers towards the checkout page, consider the following points.

1. Product Images


Starting with the most obvious ones, photos hold the highest importance on a product page as far as the conversions are concerned.

But when browsing through mobile, photos are either not arranged properly or take too much time to load. I know it is important to use high-quality pictures but if the picture size is too heavy, loading will take time and mobile users will have to be patient to view all photos, especially when the Internet connection is poor. So, ensure that images are quick to load in mobile devices.

Secondly, add a swipe left/right gesture to allow customers to view all the related pictures. This is indicated by the dots below the main picture.

You can also choose whether you want to display the product name first and then the product image or vice-versa. In my opinion, you should go with the latter.

2. Flexible Zoom Functionality

Many eCommerce websites have “Tap to zoom” feature on product pages, represented by a magnifying glass with +/- symbol inside. This allows shoppers to zoom in and zoom out the image by tapping on the microscope.

You find also find the option where you can pinch-in and pinch-out for the zooming purpose. In some websites, you can zoom by double-tapping the product image.

So, if you want to design a perfect mobile product page, these sorts of zooming features can enhance your product pages.

3. Short and crisp Product Description

You do not get much space on the mobile to display the complete product description. I mean you can but it will look cluttered. So try to keep the product description as short as possible but at the same time, it should highlight the important points of the product.

Try to keep it within 200 words.

4. Display Product Ratings right below the product name

When visitors land on a product page, they should be straight away presented with the product ratings. It is the best way to introduce people to the product quality before they get to know the complete product information.

E-commerce giant Amazon displays the product ratings right below the product name. In fact, not only on the product page, but they highlight the ratings on the product listing page as well.

5. Q&A Section

A mobile product page should have a Q&A section to help shoppers with their concerns regarding the product. This section consists of questions that are being asked previously by the people who thought to purchase this. So if a visitor has some questions, he or she can visit the Q&A section and they would probably find their query already being asked by someone else.

This saves a prospect’s time as he/she would not have to reach out to the customer support to get their queries resolved. And if the visitor doesn’t find the answer they were looking for, they can add a new question to be answered by the seller.

6. Reviews


Product reviews should be properly organized on mobile devices otherwise they will look cluttered. When a visitor scrolls down on the product page, he should be presented with product reviews so that he can know the experience of the past customers and identify the pros and cons of the product. By default, you should display the positive reviews first.

7. Product Availability Check

One of the important points to consider for a perfect mobile product page is to have a product availability checker option near the “Add to Cart” button so that the potential customers can confirm whether the product is available for delivery at their location or not before they head towards the checkout page.

Knowband also provides the product availability checker module for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platform.

8. Similar Products

At the end of a product page, there should be a “Related Products” section to encourage cross-selling and Upselling. And it since it would take up too much space to display related products vertically; you can display them in the carousel mode.

Final Thoughts

A perfect mobile product page requires everything to be smooth, organized and perfectly optimized. Your product pages play a crucial role in your mobile conversions.

Taking a quick look at the mentioned points for an optimized mobile product page, you should use quality images, zooming flexibility, short product description, product ratings, product reviews, Q&A section, product availability checker and related products section.

One thing to pay attention to mobile product pages is the back button functionality. It should bring a user to the previous page and not cancel the entire session.

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