4 Benefits that Highlight the Importance of Product Videos in eCommerce

4 Benefits that Highlight the Importance of Product Videos in eCommerce

Visuals play a decisive part in eCommerce conversions. Since customers cannot examine a product physically in online stores, it is only visuals they can put their trust into.

Online shoppers build an imagination inside their heads by seeing the product images or product videos, and on that basis, they decide to make the purchase. Visuals create the first impression.

To provide customers with the best online shopping experience, brands capture the product from every possible angle to ensure that there does not remain any doubt in the shopper’s mind about whether to go for the purchase or not.

But today, product images are just not enough. They have become too mainstream. Many brands have started adding product videos to their eCommerce website to make online shoppers feel more satisfied with the product’s look and quality before they purchase it.

What is a Product Video?

A product video is the product description in the form of a video, through which brands try to educate customers about the product, its quality, features, benefits, etc.

Why are Product Videos Important to your Online business?


A product video helps prospects get a better understanding of the product. This is a video marketing strategy that Brands leverage to minimize the doubts about the product in a shopper’s mind.

Let’s discuss in brief the benefits of product videos and understand their importance in eCommerce.

1. Product Videos convert Prospects into Customers

The importance of product videos can be felt by the fact that 92% of the shoppers say that visuals influence their buying decision and around 64% of the users are likely to purchase after watching the product video. (Source: RenderForest)

Well, this is because a product video brings a realistic feel. It minimizes the uncertainty about the product. Prospects imagine themselves at the other end and feel as if they are examining the product physically. This builds up the level of customer satisfaction and increases the chances of a prospect turning into a customer.

2. Product Videos Build Trust

Online shoppers are highly concerned about product quality when making a purchase online. They are unsure whether the product would match their expectations or not.

Product video eliminates their doubts and builds trust regarding product quality. Shoppers, hence, feel more comfortable purchasing after watching the video.

It also builds credibility for the brand. People realize that the company is authoritative and not deceitful.

The more you gain their trust, the more sales you get.

3. Google gives priority to Videos

Google tries to display videos for a majority of searches. So if you have embedded a product video from YouTube to your website and it contains an appropriate SEO-friendly title, description, keyword, website link, etc, there are very high chances that you would end up in Google’s Video section.

I am not talking about the separate video section. It will display there but here I meant the general “All” tab. Google suggests video even if the user has not visited the video section.

Marketers who use video receive 41% more traffic from the search results.

4. Product Videos Engage Customers

One of the major benefits of product videos is that they capture more user engagement. Going through the product description, and reading the entire information can sometimes be a tedious task for the customers. Not only it is tiring, but it is also time-consuming.

Product videos provide the same information crisply and clearly and grab more user engagement. Moreover, people are more likely to pay more attention to videos than images or texts.

Let’s now shift our focus from the benefits of product videos to product video best practices.

Product Video Best Practices

Let’s find out how you can utilize product videos to the best.


1. Explain the Need

Tell your customers how they would get benefited from purchasing that product. Apart from the features, introducing the benefits to the customers makes a good product video and makes the purchase easy.

2. Keep the Video Short

Do not stretch the video duration to 4-5 minutes. A perfect product video should not exceed more than a minute. And you should be able to convey the message clearly within that 1 minute.

A short video tends to capture higher engagement than a lengthy video.

3. Put up a Video on the Landing page and/or Home Page

As per the research, including a video on the landing page can boost conversions by 40%, and more than 20% when used on a Home Page.

This would be great if you are planning to promote a product, basically newly launched arrivals.

4. Share it on your Social Media Pages

Your product videos can create a buzz among your social media followers. For example, if you are launching a new product, creating awareness about it through a product video can be very beneficial to your business, in terms of brand awareness as well as product visibility.

You can also create an ad plan and display it to your target audience to get more potential customers.

The Bottom Line


Adding videos to your eCommerce website can provide a significant boost to your business. It will grab higher engagement, higher average site time, higher sales and most importantly, it will help you win your customers’ trust.

A product video is a compelling way to lead a prospect towards a purchase. Though it would require spending a few bucks, in fact, more, it will deliver positive results.

Set your budget and prepare your videos accordingly. Prepare a list of the products for which you would be creating videos and then proceed further. Add videos to your website without any hassle using Knowband’s Product Video module. The module makes it a very simple task to embed videos on your website on several pages. Check out-

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The greatest strategy to encourage customers to go to the checkout page is to optimise the product page of the website. The Product Tab Module provides a quick way to add new tabs to the website’s product pages all at once. When a user is just one step away from placing an order, the straightforward and comprehensive plugin may easily maximise their experience. By giving customers a way to receive more information, the module ensures that visitors never receive material that they don’t want. The store administrator can display relevant videos for the product or any other text message they want to share with the customers by using the product Page extension.

I hope this article made you understand the importance of product videos. If you have any points to make regarding the benefits of product videos, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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