Six Types of eCommerce Customers and How to Satisfy Them: Pro Tips

Six-Types-of-eCommerce-Customers and how to satisfy customers

Online shopping is increasing, and customers who are enamoured with eCommerce sites spend countless hours researching the goods they want. There are some very popular quotes which make shopping, therapy, cardio or a hobby. It makes evident just how fixated people can be. There are many different types of eCommerce customers, therefore business owners need to keep each one not just entertained but also motivated to make purchases.

Some eCommerce customers like exploring before buying and some have a focused approach with a to-buy list which makes them good customers. But, being a retailer or eCommerce store owner, you cannot rely on one type of customer. Every shopper is different and they follow a certain pattern of buying with different priorities. Being a retailer, you must have gone to a lot of stores or manufacturers before choosing the item for sale. You also have a pattern which makes you a type of customer. I’m going to talk about some distinct categories of consumers that store owners frequently deal with and offer some expert advice on how to handle various types of eCommerce customers in your business to increase conversions.


1. Window Shoppers or Browsers

The number one on the list is servers or browsers. This is a type of customer who explores a lot, visits multiple websites, compares prices and details, try products before making a decision. They add products to their cart but never intended to shop from them. Yes, there are many such buyers and you may call them a pain. Can you do something about it? Yes, I guess. There can be ways to attract such visitors and encourage them to buy products from your store.

Greet them well:

If you are a retailer, you must remember to greet them well. Even if they are not asking for any assistance you can provide them one. eCommerce store owners can add any entry or exit popup such as Better Thank you Page module to their store for greeting these types of customers.

Entry or Exit Popup:

Type of customers-Window shoppers and browsers-entry-or-exit-popup- spin and win

Some of the easiest ways to engage your consumers are by the use of innovative methods. The customer’s attention must be drawn to the digital interface and manner of presentation. The gamified interface of Spin and Win Pop-up attracts shoppers to your store. This is a 3-in-one pop-up which is used as an entry pop-up, exit pop up or an email subscription pop-up.

Don’t ignore the browsers, they can become your loyal eCommerce customers if treated right.

2. Discount Seekers

These types of eCommerce Customers respond well to pushy sale tactics. They always look for great deals and offers even when no sales are running in your store. For attracting such buyers you should focus on highlighting what they will save on that particular deal.


Host Clearance or Flash Sales:

These discount seekers can give you huge sales if provided with flat discounts. Clearance sales can be a good option. The products that have been stocked in your store for months can be sold out, and customers looking for discounts will benefit from it.These sales can be a key contributor to your cash flow which will make room for the new products by removing the older ones.

Scratch Card:

Type of customers-discount seekers

You can provide your customers with Scratch Cards while having a purchase. Customers will be attracted to the alluring coupons which can save their deal a lot.

Free Shipping:


Free shipping encourages customers to buy more from your store. A fixed amount of purchase is to be made by the shopper to get free delivery.

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3. Impulsive Buyers

Impulsive types of customers are the clientele segment that we all like to serve. Nothing is more exciting than helping the impulse shopper to respond favourably to your recommendations. Impulse shoppers, also known as emotional shoppers, make unplanned purchases based on items that are currently appealing to them. Online shopping is a popular example of pulse or emotional buying. They look for products which attract them and you can do that by showing related products or by offering personalisation.

Type of customers-Show-related-products

If you are dealing with an impulse buyer then make this chance an opportunity. Because they shop when they like it without giving a second thought. Show them what’s new in the store and let them feel, that they will be out of the race if they don’t own it. This can be done with modules like related products.

4. Indecisive Buyer

This is a common scenario when there are several options available. For instance, search for a floral top and the results will blow your mind. hundreds of products will start appearing in various stores. Deciding one will be difficult. Indecisive type of customers needs guidance. Ask them questions and give honest advice. A flexible return policy can also help them with their shopping.

Ask Questions:

Shop owners can help them decide what they want. Provide them with chat support or in-store assistance for choosing the right product. This effort can turn them into loyal eCommerce Customers.

Product Custom Field:

You can add a product custom field with the product description. You can add a field with related questions which can help you understand the need of the buyer. Advance Product Feld extension can be a good fit to improve UX.

Return Manager:

An indecisive customer will be encouraged if he/she knows that the product can be returned if they don’t like it. The Return Manager is a good module to add to your eCommerce store.

5. Mission-Driven Buyers

These can be called researchers or need-based customers. These customers buy for several reasons, such as a particular purpose, a particular need, or absolute price points. As difficult as it can be to please these individuals, they may still become regular customers if they are well taken care of. Provided with a good customer experience which is not available online or on other retailers stores can turn them into loyal customers.

Offer buy-online, Pick Up In-Store:

Offer-buy-online-pick-up-in-store- Types of customers

These types of buyers do not have much time to spend in window shopping or i-store shopping. They can make the purchase online and pick up the product from the store. Implement this new pick-up and drop option in your store to attract mission-driven buyers.


Retailers can help the need-based customer with cross-selling techniques. You can place bread in related products while they are buying milk or a mobile cover if they are purchasing a mobile. The Automatic Related Product module can help you show relevant products on various pages such as the product page, the home page, the shopping cart page, etc.

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6. Loyal Ones


These are the customers you know by name and they’re coming back again and again. Loyal eCommerce Customers already know and enjoy your shop, so now you need to keep them happy. Offer customisation and personalised experience and never lose them to others. The best ones are difficult to find and it is your responsibility to give them your best services. You can give them reward points or loyalty points on every purchase. These types of customers are the best marketers for your store as the more they shop, the more will be the word of mouth communication.

Start a Loyalty Program:

Choose a module or plugin for your eCommerce Store to give loyalty points to your loyal ones. This will motivate these types of buyers to shop again and again from your store. During checkout, the loyalty points can be redeemed for a discount.

Reward points:

Loyalty Program for eCommerce Customers

You can also give them reward points on various purchases like first purchase, on a fixed amount order, on particular products etc.  The reward points encourage the buyer to make more purchases. It helps the admin boost customer engagement and creates loyal customers.

Product Customisation:

Product customisation and personalisation can turn your sales to the next level. this is one of the most accepted trends. Help them get a personalised product of their taste. The best module for giving a customisation experience is Product Designer/Customization which can provide several choices to you and shoppers.

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Final Tip:

Using this understanding to help turn deals, desires, needs-based and even casual customers into loyal ones will help the business expand. At the same time, ensuring that your loyal customers have a good experience every time they visit your store would only boost your bottom-line income.

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