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We all have experienced & acknowledged the shift of eCommerce biggies from websites to mobile apps. Utilizing the functionalities of the smartphones & tablets, eCommerce Mobile Apps provide more personalization, user engagement & hence help in the improvement of your business services. With smartphones being the most commonly & widely used device for all purposes, the rise of Mobile Commerce is quite obvious.

With eCommerce Mobile App Development, you can build a new app or you could even modify an existing eCommerce app. Adding custom enhancements not only helps to make your app stand out from the competitors but also improves brand recognition. Whether your requirements fall under the former or latter category, under a team of expert App Development & Quality Assurance team, you can rest assured that your eCommerce Mobile App gives you & your customers the best experience.

At KnowBand, we equip businesses with eCommerce Mobile Apps laced with the latest features that are not only convenient to use for customers but also for the eStore merchants & vendors.

Factors from Customers’ Point of View:

1.Omni-Channel Presence:

For customers to be able to access the mobile app on all the operating systems & devices, prefer to keep your eCommerce App completely omnichannel by making it compatible with both Android & iOS for smartphones as well as tablets.

2. Customer-Centric UI (User Interface):

To make it easier for customers to navigate through & browse your app in order to make faster purchases, having a customer-focused design is a must-have for all kinds of businesses these days.

3. Enhanced Layered Navigation:

Add layered navigation with multiple sort & filter options according to each of the product categories on your App. This further enhances the user experience.

4. Language & Currency Support:

Based on your business needs, equip your app with support for multiple languages & currencies. Also, consider the support for RTL scripts like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, etc.

5. Offline Mode Accessibility:

Unlike websites, Mobile Apps can be equipped with offline mode accessibility through which app users can access the app even with slow or no internet. Hence, they can access previously loaded pages, cart, wishlist, my-account pages, etc.

6. Product Search via Image:

Add the Image Search feature in your eCommerce Mobile App so that the app users can easily search for a product on your store using a reference image either taken via their device’s camera or via selected images in their photo gallery.

This feature allows the app users to search for products on your eStore using voice commands.

8. Payment Methods:

Add options for multiple payment methods & be sure to have the security at par.

9. Optimized Checkouts:

Lengthy checkouts can increase the cart abandonment rate & frustrate the customers. To aid that, optimize the checkout process by having a quick yet secure one-page checkout & by prefilling some entries from the previous purchases, like delivery address, phone number, etc.

10. Order Tracking:

Add order tracking features in your app. Allowing your customers to track order improves customer satisfaction & also makes it easier for the support team to resolve any delivery related issues if any arises.

11. Push Notifications:

Push Notifications drive more sales by improving user engagement & retention. They also provide effortless personalization using automated notifications. Some of the common usages of Push Notifications are for birthday wishes, abandoned cart reminders, price drop notifications, upcoming sale reminders, etc.

12. Chat Support & Chatbot Integrations:

Allow your customers to reach out to your support team at any time of the day. Adding chatbot fulfills that need & also is a preferred mode of communication by the app users. Chatbots can even be automated with AI to reduce a load of your chat support team from manually handling every query.

13. Load Speed Optimization:

Having an app that takes too long to load its pages & content, is not ideal for the fast-paced users. So, make sure to optimize the loading time so that your eCommerce Mobile App runs smoothly.

Factors From Admins’ Reference:

1. Choice of eCommerce Solution:

If you are willing to build a new eCommerce App, then choose the right solution to build your app. Some of the common platforms are PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

2. Custom App Theme Development:

If required, businesses can opt to develop a custom-designed theme that’s unique to their app. This allows more personalization of the app & improves brand recognition.

3. Security:

Have all the useful encryptions & relevant certificates to keep your eCommerce Mobile App secure to every last bit. Having security on platforms that use online payment is a must.

4. Admin Panel:

The backend/admin panel of an eCommerce must be convenient to use even for the admins/ vendors/ merchants. Make sure that your eCommerce Mobile App Development team equips your business with such a dashboard.

5. Branding:

Choosing the theme design from pre-existing templates can limit some of your design needs according to your business. You could either opt for getting your own custom theme designed or you could make heavy customizations in an existing theme. For both the route, the result is a personalized theme that is unique to your business & helps in improving your brand recognition.

6. Quick HomePage Editing:

The homepage is something that eCommerce businesses need to change from time to time. Hence, admins must have a quick editor especially for customizing the homepage. Also, the editing panels must be user friendly & less time-consuming.

7. Live Synchronization:

Businesses with both an eCommerce website as well as a mobile app must have both their platforms synchronized. In such cases, it is likely that both your app and website use the same database. This ensures Automatic Inventory Management & both the platforms remain synchronized in real-time with each other. Therefore, changes made on one instantly reflect on the other.

8. Testing & Quality Assurance:

Rigorous testing must be done before the app is launched on the app stores. Accordingly, faults must be debugged for quality assurance.

9. Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

If your business model demands so, then your app must support multivendor marketplace configuration.

10. ASO (App Search Optimization):

Just like SEO is for improving the search engine rank of websites, apps can also be made to stand out on the app stores by following the ASO. Have the ASO features in your from the beginning itself. It helps to increase the visibility of your eCommerce Mobile App on Play Store / App Store.

11. Analytics & CRM Integration:

Mobile Apps help businesses to get deeper insights into their app users. To fully utilize that, integrate an analytics tool like Google Search Console/ Analytics. Similarly, choose a CRM that serves your business needs. They ease the decision making a task for the eStore owners & admins & helps make smarter marketing strategies.

12. Add-ons & Plugin Integration:

Add more functionalities in your eCommerce Mobile App using plugins/ add-ons. Under an expert app development team, you could even develop your own custom plugin to suit your exact business needs.

13. Scope For Unlimited Customizations:

Most businesses end up going customizations in the future to keep up with the ever-changing trends. So, make sure that your eCommerce Mobile App can undergo desired customizations. Keeping the mobile app updated with the latest trends is a crucial factor while eCommerce Mobile App Development.


If you are looking for custom eCommerce mobile app development and give a boost in sales and revenue of your business. Drop us a message at support@knowband.com.

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