6 Ways to Optimize the Consumer Decision Making Process

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The idea to persuade the consumer to make a purchase is quite challenging. The problem starts from the minute one as the customer enters the web store. The first thing that a store owner needs to be sure of is the customer’s intention of making a purchase. Once the intention is clear, then, compelling them to complete the transaction becomes easier. Gaining customer’s trust is biggest factor that contributes to conversion. The web stores can start to make better sales and at the same time the customer will also not hesitate to return to the site once the trust is created. A customer wouldn’t walk directly into web store and seek for their help. They must be provided with hint, shown a path and then led by the website.

The interface and the design of the website plays a crucial role in controlling the customer’s actions inside the web store. The web store can also use various approaches in order to persuade or temp the customer to make a purchase. This can be done by following some of the features as listed below-:

Show them the importance

Show the importance

One of the important factor which helps in deciding the consumer behavior of decision making would go directly by showing them the importance of product. The consumer may not have a clear thought on making purchase on any object. In that case, the web store can use this fact as for their advantage. The suggestion showing the consumer with the products that might help them with their daily routine. The contents and blogs of the site should be structured in such a way that it provides the solution of the problems being faced by the online shoppers. For instance the web store can suggest a customer with the choice for a water purifier, if their recent search shows refrigerator. Thus, the customer can easily relate the two of them and will not hesitate to make a purchase on water cooler when he is already sending a larger sum on refrigerator.

Urgency of the situation

Urgent Situation

How about making your customers realize about the immediate action needed to take in order to fulfill an action. The web store can use the timer facility such as provided by Prestashop Shipping timer, where the customer can receive the product on the particular day, if ordered within the given time period. It helps the customer to clear their thoughts on making a purchase on the products as they were about to take it and ordering it sooner will result in early delivery of the product. Thus, the customer who was confused about making a purchase on the product is trying to make a purchase as soon as possible. The same can be used by the web store in different forms.

Bribe your customers

Bribe the Customer

One of the most effective way to control the customer would be by bribing them. In this context the web store can provide various offers and discounts on the products that they want to sell to the customers. The customers will be more eager to make a purchase on any product if it is available to them on lower price than the actual price. The web store can always use this technique to encourage the customers to make a purchase on the products which the web store wants to sell them. One of the better approach to this method would be provide some other kind of offers such as combo products at lower price or a better idea would be chance to make it large by availing free coupons or scratch cards which can later be used to get some other freebies. It is one of the most effective way in which the seller gets to control the behavior of the customers. Providing giveaways in an enticing way such by using Prestashop scratch coupons or Prestashop Spin and Win can help you bring your customers to the checkout page. Similar extensions are available for Magento such as Magento Spin and Win and scratch coupon as well as for other eCommerce platforms. You can optimize your site accordingly.

Assist them during the purchase

Assist the Customer

Everyone appreciates help. The web store can always make extra efforts in helping the customer make a purchase. By doing so the web store gets the chance to reach closer to the customer and at certain point the web store could start to persuade the customer by showing them suggestion or offering them with products that may fit to their cause. The customer has a feeling of trust towards the web store as they got assistance the whole time, so the customer might want to give a good look at the suggested items made by the web store and if the conditions are right then the chances of customer making a purchase on the products are quite good.

Descriptive and expressive

Full Product Description

The web store can also use the words and contents in order to fill up the customers with ideas to make a purchase. According to a survey,” Almost 42% of the people like to make a purchase on the product after they are provided with the product video”. Thus, the web store can initiate these kinds of steps in order to make sure that the cueCommercestomers is right on the spot where the web store wants them to. The inclusion of the public reviews and feedbacks is another major target that a customer sees before making a purchase. As, the product with positive feedback is twice as likely to make a sale on the product with n feedback. Therefore, the web store can highlight the products with positive reviews so that the customer may go on to make purchase on them without any second thoughts.


The process of understanding the consumer behavior in order to aid their purchase decision may help the web store in multiple ways. Provide compelling reasons to the customers to make purchase and boost the rate of conversion right on the track.

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