Give a Boost to your Product Sales Through Prestashop Scratch Coupon

Getting customers attention towards your e- commerce organization and making them purchase your advertised products is a herculean task due to the emergence of numerous players in the e- commerce business segment. But, what can act as a magnet for your site customers are the interesting shopping coupons or offers that can increase the interest of your customers towards your business organization. By providing your customers an ideal shopping opportunity, e- commerce organizations can easily improve product sales on their site. Some of the features that have made this Prestashop Scratch Coupon Addon a huge success among e- commerce organizations are discussed as follows:

Effective reporting system-

Now, store admin can easily track the number of scratch coupon that are being used by the customers, total number of coupons that are generated by the organization and the coupons that have expired ultimately without being used. All this crucial information is provided effectively through statistical data in the form of charts and graphs. Due to this information, business organizations can make necessary changes in their marketing strategies to improve the utilization of their scratch coupons and to increase their conversion rates.

Easy utilization of the coupon codes-

This Prestashop Scratch Coupon module solves the impending problem of the e- commerce organizations that often complained of having limited coupon codes for customers for providing discounts on various advertised products. But, with this scratch coupon module, it is now easy for the customers to avail discounts from e- commerce store. They just have to scratch coupon code and after scratching their coupons, they will be prompted for an email address. By providing their email address at the requested place, the customers can become eligible for getting the shopping discounts mentioned on the coupon code.

Compatibility with multiple stores-

One of the amazing feature of this scratch coupon plugin is its ability to be used with multiple e- commerce stores. You can easily generate site maps for your different stores and the scratch coupon module can thus detect your multiple e- commerce stores seamlessly. So, it is essentially a one stop solution for all your e- commerce stores catering to different types of potential customers.

Helps in strengthening the appeal and popularity of your store-

By providing various eligible shopping discounts to your customers through these scratch coupon, e- commerce organizations can easily increase the interest and attention of your targeted customers towards your e- commerce site. The scratch coupon will also contribute immensely in completing your earlier abandoned shopping orders and will help in improving your conversion rates to a great extent.

So, scratch coupon is a good opportunity for all those e- commerce organizations that are struggling hard to increase their product sales on their respective e- commerce sites. Just order this wonderful scratch coupon Prestashop Module from our e- commerce site knowband now and improve your conversion rates to a great extent.

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