3 Magento Extensions worth for your Online Store

One can find various extensions designed for meeting different website requirements, as search engine, social media marketing, payment gateway integration, landing page creation and many more. Using these extensions, you can customize the functionality of your store as well as maximize conversions and revenue.

Listed below are some of the most selling plugins we have on our store.

Magento Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

The functionalities of this extension allow you to turn your Magento store into a marketplace (a place where buyers and sellers meet for buying and selling products). By installing this plugin, you allow various sellers to register and sell products on your site. Before a seller start selling, he/she needs to get approval from the store admin for managing and ordering processes on your store.


With Magento Multi vendor Marketplace being installed on your store, eCommerce business can be benefited in number of ways-

  • Store owner- A marketplace allows store owner to take commission on items that vendors sell. This can either be in place of or in addition to the marketplace’s own products, exponentially increasing profits and sales opportunities.
  • Seller- Small as well as large business owners can join the marketplace to attract large number of buyers for their products. After being a participant of marketplace, sellers will be able to maximize their brand reach, increase trust and followers for their products.

Customer- Marketplace customers get benefited from seeing aggregated options on a single website and are empowered to find the most reasonably priced or highest quality product with unlimited options.

Magento Abandoned Cart Extension

Don’t let your customers move away from your store!! This easy to use and functionally powerful extension works by sending reminder mail to customers who abandon their cart for any reason while shopping on your site.

This extension works with a remarketing strategy to bring customers back to your store by providing offers like incentive discount offers. In order to delight your customers, Magento Abandoned Cart mails are designed with “one click recovery” which enables customers to recover abandoned carts with a single click. This feature makes the work of store admin as well as customer easy by enabling them to recover carts in a single click and finalize order quickly.

This will offer a positive impact on website’s sales and increase conversions on your store. In order to check the performance of carts recovered, store admin can view the statistics of carts which were abandoned and the abandoned carts which got converted into sales.


  • Increase website revenue
  • Recover lost sales
  • Maximize conversions
  • Acquire customer retention
  • Saves customer time

Magento Google Analytic Enhanced Ecommerce

The enhanced eCommerce extension for Magento enables measurement of user interactions and behavior on your store with products on eCommerce sites across the user’s shopping experience- including product impression, clicks, product viewing details, checkout details, transactions as well as details related to addition of product to the shopping cart.


  • Provide deeper insights into the behavior of customers, allowing retailers to make wiser decisions
  • It allows a store owner to get a detailed view of customer’s shopping behavior
  • It also gives a fair idea of how well the product is performing
  • As a store owner, you will be able to understand how customers engage with a website throughout the checkout process.

It is a great extension for Magento stores which look forward to optimize customer engagement and increase sales.

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